Onzie (say it Own-Zee)

skull for blog

Own these Onzies – I’m loving them in the skull capri plus there are lots of other fabulous prints and of course basic black and different lengths.

This Friday – Black Friday as it is there’s a 30% off coupon on their instagram ONZIE off all things – GO!

Holiday Time

ugly sweater 2

As we enter the Bermuda Triangle of shopping, After Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year Clearance. I will share not only my brand advice but my common sense fashion tips.

Stay Tuned and Enjoy!

the Ugly Holiday Sweater above is a NO Absolutely Never go skating or even leave your house in it – NO not even if someone tells you there’s an Ugly Sweater Contest


When not Skating or Shopping

What does a Skatingfashionista do on her off time?  A little yogaing and a lot of Netflixing – homework when necessary & always time for food!  Shout out to my little bro – Wyatt – came through and made me this t-shirt – should of guessed fashion runs in the blood!

yoga small


Makeup in Skateboarding?

make pic

of course there’s makeup in skateboarding!

A skating fashionista has many looks from silly to serious and can wear as much or little makeup as she wants.

Crying – there’s no crying in skateboarding – that’s why you don’t need to worry about water proof mascara.

I’m loving Make for the color and what they stand for check them out.

Baggu – Miracle Bag for Skating with Style

baggu leopard

I love my new Baggu standard bag – I have the leopard one with me – it can be confusing the which big cat print – so here’s a cheat sheet.  More importantly look at all the fabulous choices of Baggu standards and can you believe this under $10.  Yes it’s a miracle bag get it direct at Baggu.com or stores like Nordstrom.  And it being the holiday season – give one to your favorite skating fashionista – she will appreciate the stylish place to stash her safety gear!