2015 Girls Vans Combi Classic


Thrilled to have been a part of the 2015 Girls Vans Combi Classic this past Saturday, January 17th.

Jeans by Articles of Society, tee by Look Human, board by Arbor and makeup by Make.

More girls skateboard when they see girls skateboarding.

Skating Fashionistas keep sending pictures and sharing your stories and companies keep showing real skating fashionistas on your IG, ads, and commercials.

Skating fashionistas don’t worry about being the best skater – just be the best you – have fun & keep it fashionable.

video on my IG

Stylish Shredders Know What to Wear When

pads or not

I first noticed raissinhavi for her fashion. Then I looked at her account & saw she was a serious shredder. What I really like about this is she knows when she needs her safety gear and when she doesn’t.

Helmets, pads – it’s all very personal – I think it’s up to the skateboarder to decide when to wear them.  Make the decision for yourself and then wear it with style.

You Know Girl Skateboarding is Growing When They Start Making Cookies


I have never met Aime, the baker, but she and I share the vision of a skating fashionista! If the girl on the cookie had a blue stripe in her hair, I probably would have fainted.

First take away go check out Aime at The Painted Pasty this link will take you to her site – her pastry shop is in MA.

Second, this cookie was a special request from a little girl who loves skateboarding. Skating fashionistas are out there and more appear daily!



Bros Helping Girls Skateboard

jamie pic

When I saw this picture on Instagram – I had to stop & Like it because it’s just everything I want girl skateboarding to be. I want girls to be who they are when they skateboard and I want to get over the boys don’t think girls should skateboard myth.

I am anti crying and pro handholding in skateboarding. In asking if I could use this picture I found out it’s by Chad Foreman and the hand holder is Jamie Thomas.

Totally loving how this blog is showing girl skateboarders around the world & proving there is support for them even from boy shredders. If you haven’t checked out @skateistan @skate4cancer @jamiethomas here’s your chance.

More girls skateboard when they see girls skateboarding – keep sharing pictures & always help a girl get and stay on her skateboard!

Crisis or Opportunity for Girl Skateboarding?

girl skating trend

When asking for support for the blog, someone sent me this. I said “great more math then mom what’s this supposed to mean?”

My mom helps with the blog and now is the graph interpreter. The following is her opinion and I support it.

Fewer people are googling Girls Skateboarding now than a decade ago. Could be a million reasons why. I wouldn’t worry about what’s happened in the last decade. Focus on today: keep showing girls skateboarding.

Girls Longboarding  was not even on the graph in the beginning. Proof that interests change – they can grow or decline it’s largely based on their advocates.

Who sends a 13 year old skatingfashionista a graph? Graphs aren’t fun or fashionable.





Why I’m doing this Blog for Girl Skateboarding


I shared this picture on skatingfashionista IG – with the message that some say girls can’t or shouldn’t skate. They are wrong.

I know it helped one girl get back on her board. And I know she’s not the only one intimidated to practice because the parks are filled with boys. I was terrified of boys at the skate park.

Looking back – I was a big part of my fears – the story in my head was all boys hate girl skaters so I was sure they all hated me. Now a couple years later I realize they don’t all hate me and the ones that do would hate me even if I didn’t skate. I also found that a lot of skaters are like me – word limited – I start talking when I know you.

So follow this blog & it’s IG show the world there is support for girl skaters! More girls skate when they see girls skating.





2015 Wishes for Girls Skateboarding

happy new year

My 3 Wishes for 2015

  1. More Girl Skateboard Sessions – doesn’t have to be all girls or formal just needs to be known that girls will be in the park so come on out!
  2. Skateboard Shoe Discounts for Girls – girls can wear boy shoes – just give girls a discount like half off, BOGO, punch card system, get creative at getting girls skate shoes!
  3. Subscribers – I’m sounding like Tobuscus – show everyone there is interest in Girls Skateboarding by following the blog & Instagram SKATINGFASHIONISTA



Skating & Fashion are Better Together