Santa bring me skateboard shoes

I’ve been good all year. Well, I’ve been good most of the year. Ok I’ve definitely been more good than bad this year. I really hope Santa brings me skate shoes – size 7 boys in case the elves lost that information. If for some reason he doesn’t bring skate shoes may he at least bring decent duct tape?

Skating fashionistas if you get shoes for Christmas please send me pictures of them in action. This really will work, we just need to find each other and encourage other girls to join us. Eventually they’ll be so many skater girls; we’ll be able to negotiate shoe discounts.


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As an introvert – I’m hesitant to get out there meet new people let alone ask them to follow me.  But as a skateboarder on a mission I have to do it.  More girls skateboard when they see other girls skateboarding. Plus having a sport helps a girl stay physically & mentally fit. Haters tell me it’s a lost cause – skateboarding is just not for girls – I say it’s only lost if I give up! So follow this introvert here and on Instagram – thanks & Happy Holidays!

I’m a Zensah Believer

zensahHad to take the close up so you could see just how fashionable Zensah compression can be.  I got the tip from a runner friend and am so glad I followed up. It’s not clear in the picture but I have grey sleeves on and it’s not just adorable but keeps you warm while not restricting movement.  If you’ve been on the fence, intrigued, skeptical – doubt no more try Zensah compression – available on-line and at stores and I would total support these as stocking stuffers so get ordering!