Love for Girl Skateboarding


It is my pleasure to introduce two of the most artistic bros I’ve ever met – Gucci Bear and Slick Sloth.  They are no longer starving artists, they have their own business. Now that’s living the dream!

Gucci and Slick support 100% of skaters – love those who support girls & loving Slick’s bling & Gucci’s ice cream tat.

The world truly is a better place when there’s more love – so keep the love for girl skateboarders flowing!

Respect and Help to All Skateboarders


I love all of the art by la_scimmia_nero_asfalto . When I saw these little people, I just had to know what are they saying.

Turns out they are saying – Respect & Help to others – we are all on the same board

Of course I asked boys & girls – the artist answered YES all…girlz&boyz

I want this on a t-shirt and stickers – who’s gonna help me get that done? And yes I will ask for one of them to turn up the fashion dial – they’re cute but one of them wearing a skirt – oh la la !

Freedom to Just Skateboard


I love art, skateboarding, and fashion – so obviously I love everything about this photo from angelica_marchiori. To me skateboarding should be fun and fashionable. A lot of times in my community it becomes all about the trick.  “What did you land?” That’s just one small part of skateboarding the bigger part is the freedom to just skate.

Love this look and vibe –  perfect score!

Girls Skateboarding is Blooming


This picture is from the Dorset Skateboarding Meet in the UK. They call this is a seedling session – how cute is that a seedling session because one day the little skater will bloom into a stylish shredder. And boys yes, you in the background on your scooters – I see you – what are you thinking?

That’s right we create the change we want to see. If you want to see more girls skateboarding support the girls already skateboarding and help other girls to learn. Getting more girls to skateboard is like a garden lots of work and fertilizer but keep caring for it and it will bloom.

Skate Yogi in Brooklyn


I consider skateboarding sport & art. I’ve also likened it to rolling yoga. Good to know I’m not alone – in Brooklyn there’s Skate Yogi.

Check out Skate Yogi at their site and on IG.  After a recent shredding party there was time for a ten board pyramid!

Exactly what skateboarding should be – all about the fun! And of course I’m digging the pink fashion!

Recently I got a comment regarding my support of other sites.  I’m on a mission to get girls skateboarding – I want to show the world skateboarding can be fun & fashionable as well as what you see on TV. I also want girls to know they have supporters.

The media shows a snapshot of skateboarding this blog is about showing a bigger picture. I 100% want to let others know about people and organizations who believe GIRLS CAN SKATE!

Sun and Skateboarding


While there are incredible places to skate indoors especially in Europe, a lot of skateboarding is under the sun. So, besides the board and fashion bring the sun screen.

I have fallen in love with Jane Iredale Powder-Me SPF Dry Sunscreen it’s super easy to apply and doesn’t leave a weird oily feeling. And don’t be like – it’s cloudy I don’t need sun screen – put it on!

No worries on it running –action sports are no problem for Jane Iredale products. Hope you check Jane Iredale out as they’re one of my top 10 favorites. Actual shots of me skating with it on are on skatingfashionista IG.

Encouraging Girl Skateboarding


I wouldn’t be skateboarding without my dad & mom’s encouragement. I love to see other girls get encouragement. Good job Glitteryaj showing your daughter skateboarding is fun & fashionable! Trust me if you don’t fear the board, you skate a lot better and learn faster.

Yesterday I went to the first Exposure Skate Ride & Dine.  It was at the new park in Cardiff CA and Leaucadia Pizza in Encinitas. Exposure Skate is dedicated to empowering women. I am so thankful for groups and companies like them – Hoopla, Skate Like a Girl, Girls Skate Network, and Girls Not a Four Letter Word are just a few examples of organizations  that offer encouragement to girls to start and keep skateboarding.