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Chesley Skatepark in Minnesota

One of the things I love about summer is summer camp!  Why because of all the friends you meet.

Absolutely love that Chesley Skatepark shared this photo with the caption

BFFs Day 1 of Skate Camp

It’s always fun to skateboard with a friend.  And a true friend is a friend on & off the board 💕

You don’t have to be in Minnesota to see all the fun at Chesley Skatepark you can follow then on IG.

Thank you so much Chesley Skatepark for sharing skateboarding & encouraging girls.


Cruising Together

Lena shares this picture of cruising together in Sankt Leon-Rot in Germany.

When I started skateboarding, I absolutely appreciated my camp counselors at the YMCA who held my hand in skateboard camp.  It gave me courage.  It broke my heart when some older skateboarders said “there’s no hand holding in skateboarding”.

I absolutely believe skateboarding is more fun when there’s handholding.  When you’re a beginner it can give you courage and after that it’s just fun & reassuring to be with a skater friend.

Check out Lena’s IG to see her having fun on & off the board.

And when I say off – I mean she might literally be in the air!

Fun with Her Son

Nihan loves to skate with her son.

Skating is sport, art, exercise, transportation, self-confidence building and yes an awesome way to spend time with the ones you love.

Can you skate with those who aren’t skating?  Absolutely!

Who are you having fun skating with?  Hope you share soon because more girls skate when they see stylish girls having fun skating.


Skate Like a Girl – SF Bay Area Summer Session Schedule

Skate Like a Girl – SF Bay Area Summer Session Schedule

All ages and all abilities are welcome.  Follow them on IG for all the latest updates & recap photos.

Programming Notes:
– Instruction for 1st hour of every session for all abilities: beginner, intermediate and advanced
– No experience necessary, all abilities and ages, loaner gear available
– Special prizes and giveaways at various sessions
– Free Sessions at outdoor parks: Berkeley, Town Park (Oakland) and McInnis Park (San Rafael) (donations welcome!)
– Private Indoor Sessions at Stoked 2 Skate in Santa Rosa (fee based)

girls at the 7/15 Stoked to Skate event

Where are you having fun skateboarding?  Hope you share soon.


There’s a Bump

I love this video shared by Mary

“Oh God there’s a bump. I’m not used to this.”

Yup, there’s a bump, but it doesn’t stop her.  She acknowledges it and keeps on skating.

I blog to encourage more girls to try skating by sharing the stories of girls already having fun skating and all the reasons they skate.  Skating definitely teaches you perseverance which is a skill that will help you in life.

Here’s to facing the bumps of life with style & smiles.  Thanks for sharing Mary & I loved checking out your etsy store MET Vinyl Designs.

Longboarding in Pink

M.B. @longboard_mb is practicing her pivots in pink.  Pink does make most things even more fun.

What makes skating fun for you?

Whether you’re a beginner or have been skating for years – I hope you’re having fun every time you go out and skate.

I also hope you take the time like M.B. did to share your pictures because more girls do skate when they see girls having fun & know there’s encouragement out there.


Ola & Her Mountain Board

I absolutely love the pictures & videos Ola shares of mountain boarding.

Above Ola’s in Compiegne France where she shares this caption:

Welcome to my world 💙No words to describe this awesome feeling every time when I turn fear into progress and power 💙

Ola is 19 – she loves snowboarding & mountainboarding  – she’s a team rider for

She mountain boards indoors too – below she’s training at Freestyle Park in Poland.

Help me in congratulating Ola for being the

🏅Overall World Champion Wmn 2017
🏆Freestyle World Vice-Champion Wmn 2017
🏆Boardercross World Vice-Champion Wmn 2017 💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙

Ola has opened my eyes to a whole new world.

Thank you Ola for sharing.







Agenda July 2017 with the Skatingfashionista

Agenda Long Beach was on July 13 – 15, 2017.  With over 500 booths there’s literally something for everyone.  Including this year a sold out festival on the 15th.

Here’s what caught my eye.

I loved the looks of MarsQuest Sunglasses and when I sat down with owners Shawn & Mars, I was amazed to find out how truly durable & flexible they are.

They said step on them.  I did.

Then I saw them pull and twist them.

After all that they looked exactly the same.  How do they do it?  Maybe it’s because they are made of TR90 plastic and the design is hingeless or maybe they’re just magic!

Stylish, strong, and yes affordable.  All their styles (including a kids line), which are 100% polarized & have UV  protection, are available on their website and range in price from $30 – $50.  MarsQuest is an official sponsor of Sick Kids – a portion of each sale benefits the children’s hospital in Canada where MarsQuest is headquartered.

I’ve loved Fjällräven for forever.  One of my favorite parts of Agenda is checking in with Dana.

Originally designed for Swedish school children in 1978, the Kånken bags behind us are now worn by people all around the world.  I loved the patterned straps now available. Kånkens come in a variety of sizes and include a Classic & Mini that benefit the Arctic Fox.

Next it was time to check in with Nikita Clothing.  Loved the new dresses and tanks above.  They started in the back of a skateshop in the late 90s and continue to support all girls who ride.  Definitely check out their IG  to be inspired by girls who keep it stylish on & off the board.

Be still my heart, is that the perfect tee for binge watching the perfect show – Riverdale?  It is by

Yes, Betty and Veronica is a store.  You can shop on-line and you can follow them on IG to see all their clothes & accessories.  To see Betty and Veronica on the runway of the September 2016 NY Fashion Week – comics meet fashionistas – click here.

I didn’t find out if I was more Betty or Veronica, but I did find out my spirit animal thanks to the wonderful girls at the JAECI booth.  I thought I was an octopus – turns out I’m a fox.

click the picture above to take the quiz & find out your spirit animal

In addition to the Spirit Animal line I had a marvelous time exploring the Sweet & Unleashed lines – I’m still smiling about Goal Digger!

Plus I adored the #VOICEOFTHEWEB collection which is a collaboration with influencers that raises money for charities.  I hope you have the time to check it out & be inspired.

Above I’m with Claire & Rachel the founders and artists creating WKNDRS.  I love stories – I blog to share stories – so you know I loved that they met over 10 years ago in art school and now here they are at Agenda.

At my first Agenda, I heard a speech by Jon Wexler, where he said

Your passion is not a distraction!

When I meet people like Claire & Rachel – I’m just so inspired because their passion is now their job!

What’s your favorite pin by the WKNDRS?  I am partial to pineapples.  You never have enough pins or patches so it’s ok to have tons of favorites.

I’m usually about the visor, but as you can see above RT4M has me smiling in a hat.  I’m wearing the Bar Logo Pink and I found it comfortable & cute.

The smiles continued when I got to MERGE4.  They make socks for action sports people.

Above I’m with WeeMan.  He loves MERGE4 socks his favorite pair and mine too

Yes – you can wear WeeMan!  His socks are part of the MERGE4 Action Collaboration.  Check out all of their socks and wear a pair to see & feel how they “Grip Your Soul”.

The next booth to grip my attention was {emory park}.

Emory Park, from Los Angeles, is on a mission to

Design and produce unique and sophisticated clothing that makes women feel beautiful

From what I saw {emory park} is succeeding.  Check them out on their website and at stores like Nordstrom.

Next up it was time to take the plunge with Richer Poorer.

Richer Poorer elevates the ordinary by redefining “innerwear” with tees, socks, and underwear for men & women.  I loved their styles as much as I loved their mobile ball pit.

Richer Poorer was also part of Agenda Workshop where their co-founder & CEO Iva Pawling was part of:  Leveling the playing field:  lessons from female themed brands panel discussion.

My next stop The Casery also originated in LA.

The Casery, founded in 2016, truly helps you protect the one you love – your phone!  The marble case is currently the most popular – however, I’m partial to the pineapples and cactuses.

All the cases are drop tested from 4 feet at all angels which they perform at thanks to their dual layered construction.  They also feature a raised bezel that protects the screen from scratches & cracks.  All this protection while staying slim & stylish plus they’re affordable, most are available on the web for $28, makes them a must have for me.

What first attracted me to AYUR  was their handle design.  When I visited the booth I learned that AYUR means life.  I also learned what the brand is based on and the reported benefits of drinking from copper.

Ayurveda is a traditional science of holistic medicine to bring the body back into balance. Ayurvedic benefits of drinking from copper include beautifying the skin, anti-aging properties, improving digestion and fighting off disease.

Drinking water is good for you, drinking water from a bottle that’s stylish & easy to carry makes it even better.  Plus when you drink from an AYUR bottle you’re helping others.  A portion of every AYUR bottle sold goes toward ending the water crisis through their support of

An additional cool design from the Ventura, CA AYUR company is the “buddy cup”.  Yes, that’s what the teal and other colored bottoms are.  When you’re out and about with a friend who didn’t bring their water bottle you can share without sharing their germs.  Stylish & smart – I love that.

Speaking of sharing, I got to share a rest in Grand Trunk’s hammock.

Grand Trunk’s hammock is all that – who needs a bed.  It’s comfy, it’s portable, it comes in different sizes – use it on a stand, with trees – endless possibilities.  Worried about the weather, they have you covered with shelters.  They even have a Skeeter Beeter Model to keep the bugs out.

Above is their Parasheet Beach Blanket.  Originally I thought it was a hammock just flat – it’s not but it’s cool.  The pockets are for you to put sand in so your blanket doesn’t blow away.

Founded in 2001 by two wanderers who met while backpacking through Thailand, Grand Trunk Goods is another wonderful example of making your passion your business.

After relaxing in the hammock, I headed to Rastaclat to meet with Amy about what’s new.



I love my Miniclats both for their style and because they are a constant reminder that it’s my choice to #seekthepositive.  Life doesn’t always go as planned, so it’s nice to have the reminder.

In November, the reminder of #seekthepositive, will come from a new line including Hello Kitty.  You can’t see her on their website yet, but there she is up above.  Be sure to follow Rastaclat on IG to keep up with all their latest releases and availability.

Year of the Rooster Classic bracelet! was just restocked

By 5pm on Thursday it was time to fight the crowds at DC Shoes and find my friend Debs.

The fight was worth it.  She really did have ladies stylish velcro shoe.  I’m always a believer in pink, I’ve been iffy on high tops, and skeptical of velcro, but the Evan HI V SE – Evan Smith pro shoe – is stylish.  It’s also available in black.

I’ll never doubt Debs again!

My final stop of the show was catching up with friends Kori & Lenox at the Element booth.

Element is celebrating 25 years.  To be honest, they always seem to be celebrating which is one of the things I love about them.  What are they celebrating right now?

Congrats Mason on your new pro boards!

The Element Tribe includes Element Eden which was founded by Kori.  If you aren’t familiar with the story of how the skate industry’s first girls clothing line (in 1999) was born, I encourage you to read it by clicking here.

What’s new with Element Eden now?  You can shop their insta and be on the lookout for . . . eye spy with my little eye . . . bananas, camo & burgundy.

Till next time wishing you stylish adventures on & off the board.



Skateboarding Gives Her a Feeling of Freedom

@melina.luis loves to skateboard because of how it makes her feel – free.

She’s skateboarding in Costa da Caparica in Portugal.  It’s a beautiful beach town near Lisbon.

Costa da Caparica is a lively and modern resort town that is adored by the Portuguese, but virtually unknown by foreign tourists. The Costa da Caparica coastline is simply stunning, and is famed for its vast sandy beach, powerful surfing seas and wonderful natural scenery, all of which is less than a 20-minute drive from central Lisbon. –

I absolutely love when girls share there skate pictures and all the magnificent places they’re skateboarding.  I love parks, but as a Californian beach girl, I love the beaches more.

There’s something freeing about skateboarding with a view of the beach.

@melina.luis is from Portugal and her IG has lovely pictures of her adventures there and everywhere else she goes.  She’s all about staying active and seeking adventure – below she’s in Morocco and there’s also pictures from her adventures in Bosnia, Croatia, Montenegro, and more.

Where are you seeking adventure?  I hope you share soon because more girls skate when they see girls having fun skating and we’re all enriched when we see all the beautiful places there are in the world.


Conquer the World

@perfretka shares this picture from Park Swierklaniec with the caption

Czas podbić świat na dechach!

It’s time to conquer the world!  Conquering anything starts with believing you can.  Skateboarding is definitely something that helps you believe in yourself.  No matter where you’re skating, what type of board, or skate style – you will fall, get back up, and learn from your mistakes if you’re going to keep skating.

I love the pictures of girls skateboarding together, encouraging each other to keep going & having fun.  Skateboarding shows that hard work can be fun.

@perfretka and her squad are from Poland.

Where in the world are you having fun skateboarding?  All around the world girls can skate!