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Girls Skateboarding in Bahir Dar

I love to see stylish girls having fun skateboarding, so I was grateful that @kuhn.anna wanted to share this photo.  Love, love, love the leggings and I got a geography lesson.

She’s skateboarding in Bahir Dar.

Not the A student in geography, I had to look up where Bahir Dar is in the world.  Turns out it’s in Ethiopia, a country in the Horn of Africa.

Turns out @kuhn.anna is a world skateboarder.  Above she skated instead of taking the train in Germany.

When not skateboarding around the world, you might find her kite surfing.  Above Germany and below Egypt.

With the right attitude and work – girls can do anything.  Thank you @kuhn.anna for sharing your adventures around the world.

Where are you keeping it stylish on & off the board?  When you share, you inspire other girls to try new things and maybe even travel around the world.

Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend.  For me it’s the weekend before finals so I’ll be back soon with more posts.





Stop Talking

Naomie aka @richardnaomie has good advice

“Stop talking.  Go Faster”

Often what holds us back is ourselves.  What we fear, we procrastinate against, which many times means we miss out.

Don’t miss out on skateboarding.  If it’s something you want to try – go try it.  Will you fall?  Probably, but then you can pick yourself back up & keep skating as long as it’s fun for you.

Enjoy the journey on & off the board.  Whether it’s learning to skate, learning a new language, whatever – enjoy the process of learning to go faster.


Nele Skateboarding in Nordrhein-Westfalen

Nele shares this photo and that she’s ready for summer.  During the winter in Germany, she’s missed skating.

I absolutely love her style and wish her the best, most fun skate season ever.

Where are you having fun skating?  When you share your adventures you inspire other girls to try skating all around the world!


The Problem is Not Monday

🌬O problema não é a segunda-feira, é a sua vida inteira 👊

On the board or off – she kayaks, rock climbs, shoots arrows & so much more – I love Blenda’s aka @blendacunha style & think she has more fun than problems on all days.

You can just tell she’s having fun!

She’s having fun skateboarding in Brazil – where are you having fun?  When you share your pictures & stories you inspire other girls to give skating a try.


Your Wave Will Come

I love this video from @minishak27 and I really love the positive message in her bio

👸🏼Stay strong, Stay positive and never give up, Your wave will come 🌊🙌🏼

It’s so true.  Waves come and not always when you expect them or how you’d like them.  If you keep a positive attitude and keep believing in yourself you’ll survive all the waves and be ready for your wave.

Opportunity isn’t always obvious.  Often you have to take risks and/or make sacrifices both of which are easier with a positive attitude.

Cat’s in the UK where she’s skating to help with her surfing.  Where are you having fun skating?  Hope you take the time to share so others can be inspired to try.


Late Nights & Good Times

Skateboarding isn’t the first thing that comes to my mind when I think

Late Nights & Good Times

however, after seeing Tessa’s picture – I need to rethink!

Tessa is a Colorado native who seeks adventure daily.  I aspire to be an adventure seeker and love to see when other girls are living an adventurous life.

Living in California, I don’t see snow often.  Tessa does above at Saint Mary’s Glacier in Colorado.

My idea of meditating high up is my roof.  Tessa’s view is better from Horseshoe Bend in Arizona.

What path are you on?  Wherever your adventures are leading you, I hope you share like Tessa did.

We can’t all go everywhere – but when we share our adventures we get a glimpse of all the wonderful places there are in the world.




Ashdod Skater Girls

Ashdod Skater Girls share this fun video.  They are a small group of Israeli girls who love skating and have fun in their skatepark!


Where are you having fun?

Whether you’re skating at the park or downtown

more girls skate when they see girls skating and meet other girls to skate with.

Hope you share your pictures, videos, and stories soon.

Thanks Ashdod Girls – you may be a small group now but I think more girls are coming!

Neringa Skateboarding in Lithuania

I love blogging about girls skateboarding around the world.  This is Neringa and she’s in Lithuania.

I had no idea where Lithuania was or that it was beautiful or that you might find Cinderella’s carriage there.

Above Neringa visited Raudondvario Dvaras.  Thank you so much Neringa for showing us girls are skating in Lithuania and all the beautiful places there are in Lithuania and in the surrounding countries – check out her IG to see the slopes & beaches.

Girls can skate and more do when they see girls around the world having fun skateboarding.  Where are you skateboarding?






She’s in Love with her Arbor Board & Life

Love Poliana’s smile & her caption

I’m in love 😍 

I got to ask Poliana what she loves about skateboarding

For me skating means freedom, when you discover that overcoming fear can bring so much joy, it’s powerful! Skating is so good for the mind and body! Spread the word and love! 🙌🏼❤️👉🏼🤘🏼

Balancing the mind & body is key to a happy life.  Check out Poliana’s IG for more good advice like

The healthy body will come when you use the right tools . . . exercising with walking, biking, skating, surfing, swimming, running, kicking, posing with yoga!  Do what give you a warm feeling in your heart!  I choose happiness!

Thanks for sharing from California Poliana.  Where are you having fun skateboarding and how does it help you stay balanced & happy?  Hope you share soon.