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Do You Have to be Good to Have Fun?

Do you have to be good to have fun?  I don’t think so.  I think you can have fun during the process – yes learning can be fun. I was excited to see this post from Yeah Chicks who are promoting girls skateboarding from Santa Barbara, California

#1 thing we hear from you ladies is that you “aren’t very good at skating” and honestly, neither are we! It’s not about being “good” it’s about having FUN & creating a community, so get out there and try some new things with us sometime! 🌸🌼🌪

If you want to start skateboarding or keep skateboarding but have doubts about your ability, just go skate.  We all start as beginners and there’s always someone who seems to have more talent so quit comparing yourself to others and just have fun skateboarding.

Skate for yourself.  It’s a wonderful way to challenge yourself and learn new tricks at your pace. Plus it’s a way to connect with others and learn from each other. Whether you are skating alone or with friends, I hope you are always having fun.

I love to see more communities reaching out to girls and offering them encouragement and tips on skateboarding. Are you willing to help other girls?  I hope you are and I hope you have the time to share like Yeah Chicks did!


Skate Rising Celebrating International Day of Service – July 14, 2018

Skate Rising celebrated International Day of Service on July 14, 2018 around the world.  In addition to the monthly Encinitas, California event held the second Saturday of each month,

photos from Gavin Silberman

there were events in Eugene, Oregon

photos from Neal Mims

Mesa, Arizona

video from @nataliekrishnadas

Sarasota, Florida

photos from @thekelsays  

Sydney, Australia

video from @harrycheninblack

and Toronto, Canada

photos from Impact Skate Club

Skate Rising brought girls around the globe together to have fun skateboarding and give back to their community.

Each event offered girls an opportunity to assemble homeless supply kits,

pledge to kindness,

and skateboard with friends new & old.

The Eugene, Oregon stop was the final stop in the Skate Rising Feed the Need Tour presented by Tactics.

For recap on stops along the California coast leading up to Eugene click.

In addition to supporting Feed the Need on

July 14th, Tactics Eugene donated 10% off all sales to the River House’s Skateboard Program. Yup, 10% of every deck, t-shirt, hat or anything else you could think of is going straight to helping kids learn how to skateboard!

A huge thank you to them and all the people/organizations who are of service on July 14th and every day.

I love volunteering at Skate Rising because for me it’s a way to pay it forward for what I’ve been given.  I still learn so much on and off the board from Neal Mims and Calli Kelsay, plus I’m thankful for Amelia Brodka and Lesli Cohen for founding EXPOSURE Skate which started all these events.

Here’s just some of the thoughts on Skate Rising from attendees.

Above from Sarasota, Florida:  Olivia says

Had a fun day serving the community @skaterising love skating with @_kennzzzz_ 💕👍

Above from Toronto, Canada:  Tamera says

Awesome morning with @impactskateclub & @skaterising in support of @kennedyhouseyouthshelter. Best people. The #twinjas loved it.

The girls learned & grew a lot. xox

also from Toronto A Positive Seed says

We had a great time in Toronto supporting @impactskateclub and @skaterising for their international day of service where we set up kits for the homeless and had an awesome girls skate clinic! Thanks for having us be a part!

also from Toronto Healthy Pantry Staples says

Wow! What a great day at Toronto’s Skate Rising International Day of Service! It was a privilege to henna the arms of some pretty awesome girls as they learned the value of community service.

Above from the Mona Vale Skate Park in Australia:  Chix Surf School says

What an amazing day, thanks so much @skaterising for having us and thank you to all the amazing young girls who are pathing the way for change. A truly inspiration day and we are so stoked to be a part of this amazing chix community.
Keep shredding girls

And above from Eugene, Oregon:  EXPOSURE Skate says

Grandma brought her 3 grandkids to learn to skate but by the end of the day, she found herself falling in love with skateboarding at age 60. She even won this longboard! Thank you, @stompsessions and @nealmimsfor your help with the clinics !

You are always the right age to have fun skateboarding and to make a positive contribution to your community.

More girls skateboard when they see girls having fun skating, receive encouragement, and have events like this – so I hope you share your stories of having fun skateboarding with the blog soon.

To find out more about Skate Rising, EXPOSURE Skate’s youth program, follow them on IG or contact the founder/organizer, Calli Kelsay at

Skate Rising Feed the Need Tour 2018 Highlights from California Stops

I was lucky enough to volunteer at the Skate Rising California West Coast skatepark tour stops for Feed the Need 2018 Tour

The Skate Rising “Feed the Need 2018 Tour” brought to you by @tactics gave girls in five cities the opportunity to understand needs in their community, commit to kindness (anti-bullying message), build a goal of 1,000 supply kits for the homeless and take part in skate clinics run by @stompsessions

Traveling from Encinitas, California we headed north to Sky Park in Scotts Valley, California.

The girls heard about the mission, participated in skate clinics

and assembled over 100 kits.

The next stop was Sutter’s Landing in Sacramento. There was an amazing turn out

thanks to the local support of Good Morning Sacramento who shared our event.

click above for interview

After the skate clinics and kit building, assembled kits were passed out to the homeless.

The next stop was Hill Top Skatepark in San Francisco for some “pancakes”.

Then it was Napa time.

For the entire scoop on Napa check out Howard Yune’s coverage by clicking below.

The trip wore me out and pushed me outside my comfort zone, literally I’ve learned I need to drink lots and lots of water because the Northern California stops were much hotter than my usual parks, but I am so glad for the experience.

I loved meeting all the people along the way and being a part of making a positive difference.  I’m excited for Saturday July 14th.

I won’t be at the Eugene stop, instead I’ll be at the Encinitas event.

Plus there are other events, so I hope you can make one of them.

These events truly show that girls skateboarding is a global activity and that everywhere around the world you can make the choice to be kind and be a part of your community.

KAABOO Del Mar 2018 – coming up quick

KAABOO will return to Del Mar, California on September 14th.  Three days of heaven with endless choices of music, art, comedy, and  indulgences.

As someone out on the road, literally I’m in an RV traveling to skate parks up the California coast with Feed the Need 2018, September 14th cannot come quick enough!

Many festivals are like being on a road trip – roughing it.  But KAABOO is different.  I’ve attended for the past three years and each year it’s bigger, better, and more posh.  KAABOO has an Indulgence Section where you can be pampered.

Everything about KAABOO is amazing – yes even the bathrooms with flushing toilets.  You can take running water for granted at KAABOO and you can be sure you’ll be amazed.

This years music line up

So much to be excited for, who are you most excited to see?  I’m going to say Cake.  Yes there are many days when I wear a short skirt, long jacket and have nails shining of justice – so I’m biased.

September 14 – 16th are definitely three days I want to be waking up early and staying up late and if you’re anywhere near Del Mar (make the travel plans now) I hope you join me.

Tickets available now.  To see my past recap posts just click 2017 and 2016 plus you can follow the tags to see interviews with past artists who’ve participated in KAABOO.

As I’ve written posts and attended the events, I’ve found that KAABOO does an amazing job of promoting female artists.  In addition to musicians, KAABOO provides a canvas for so many talented artists.  My favorites are the mural and installations.  I’m super excited that Carly Ealey will be back and that everyone can see her work from last year in addition to her new creations.

KAABOO is magical from what you experience, what you remember and what they leave behind.

Volunteers Refurbish the Shark for Waterdown Ribfest Skatejam

In preparation for the 5th annual Waterdown Ribfest Skatejam the Rotary Club donated funds and community volunteers donated their time to refurbish the shark.

Above the shark was a work in progress.  His dental work was complete by the event on July 1st where skaters of all ages and genders were encouraged to come out and compete.

Thanks to @shesk8scanada for sharing this.   Their goal is to

create a gender/age balance in the wonderful world of skateboarding

They welcome everyone to join.

Kindness grows exponentially!  They are sharing kindness by sharing their love of skateboarding in Canada.  Where are you sharing?

Be sure to check out @shesk8scanada and @waterdownribfestskatejam to see more.

This year we had three times the entrants in the women’s division. All the girls stepped it up from last year showing that women’s skateboarding is stronger than ever and not going anywhere.     –  @waterdownribfestskatejam


No Comply Coven – A coven of skate gurls using their powers for good around Joburg

Above No Comply Coven at a Sunday session which they now hold monthly @theskateemporium from 19:00 – 22:00.  All levels welcome just follow @nocomplycoven to find out details and dates.

Below a video from a past Sunday workshop.

@muhahalicia has added dropping in and pumping to her skillset while @dangermouse_liz has taken her kickturns to new heights! Our legs are sore but happy and more skilled 🖤🖤 Thanks to @kelly_murray0 for the rad lessons. What a boss!
Thanks for the pics @sharne_j we can’t wait for your foot to be healed up so you can shred again.

I love how No Comply Coven uses their powers for good.  We all have a daily (secondly) choice on how to use our powers.  When we choose to encourage others and share kindness, we all win.

Where & how are you using your powers to promote girls skateboarding?


Girls Week with Skate Rising at Woodward West Recap

Last week was the largest Girls Rule Week at Woodward West, to date!

I was privileged to be a part of the camaraderie at Woodward West from June 24 – 30th 2018.

All the girls who actively participated saw their skills flourish both on and off the skateboard.

As we heard from guest speaker Nina Buitrago, BMX pro, we all start as beginners.

Being willing to begin is a huge accomplishment because it means we are pushing through our fear.  We learned so many ways to push through our fears including making Growth Journals, which is a safe place for us to write about our goals and the progress we make towards them.

Falling in skateboarding and life are inevitable, so learning how to learn from mistakes and having tools to keep us motivated and focused are keys to success.

To show our focus and what’s important to us we made vision boards.

To share our love of skateboarding we joined Skate Rising in a Learn to Skate Clinic for all campers.  Helping others learn to skate is just one way we spread kindness, which is a pledge we made at the beginning of the week and a pledge we keep making daily.

Moving forward we will always have the memories of camp, plus we were introduced to programs like Feed the Need which will allow us to continue contributing to the community while having fun skateboarding.

When we accept ourselves & others, failures & imperfections included, we are able to focus on what really matters:  having fun skateboarding & making the world a kinder place.  Girls really do rule when it’s sisterhood before competition which is what Girls Week with Skate Rising at Woodward West was all about.

click the girlsweek2018 tag below to see all the posts



Woodward West Girls Week- Yoga and Kicking Off Feed The Need

After three days of crazy, non stop skating it was time to take a small break and refresh our minds and bodies with yoga.

Thanks to Bridget (aka Yoga for Skateboarders) everyone had the chance to work on partner yoga this morning.

Bridget focused on partner yoga to stress the importance of knowing that you can’t do everything alone. It’s okay to ask for help and to work with others to accomplish your goals. Positivity grows when we work together.

Once we got into the groove things started to get wild!

Head stands had their own personal twists.  Above someone knows the advantage of a Triple8 helmet and 187 Pads when doing handstands and below a personal touch headstand.

With our stretching complete and our minds cleared, we were ready to go skate.  I’ve always thought of skateboarding as rolling yoga because balance is key in both and both have the ability to clear your minds and put you in the zone.

Later in the afternoon everyone had the opportunity to learn about and participate in Feed the Need 2018 Tour

The Skate Rising “Feed the Need 2018 Tour” brought to you by @tactics will give girls in five cities the opportunity to understand needs in their community, commit to kindness (anti-bullying message), build 1K supply kits for the homeless and take part in skate clinics run by @stompsessions

Staff and campers came together to build kits for the homeless.

Kits consisted of granola bars, socks, a toothbrush and toothpaste, other snacks, and a note.

Over 50 kits were made with love here at Girls Week Woodward West!

Skate Rising’s purpose is to develop girls by showing them

Compassion through service and empowerment through skateboarding.

I love that the girls not only learn about homelessness, but are given the opportunity to do something about it.  Knowing a problem exists is certainly the beginning but doing something about the problem leads to a solution.

Thank you to everyone who helped put some kits together today! Fifty kits might be a small number compare to the number of homeless in the world but every kit has the ability to inspire someone else to make a kit.

If you are in any of the following 5 cities on the dates of the Feed the Need 2018 Tour – you can make a kit.  I highly encourage you to participate and if you can bring a new sock donation.  As Bombas taught me

Socks remain the #1 most requested clothing item at homeless shelters.

They donate a pair for every pair purchased but there are still so many in need.

If you don’t have anything to bring, still come because the note you write for one of the kits will truly mean something to the person receiving it. Taking time to write a note, listening to someone, acknowledging someone with a smile are huge acts of kindness.

Plus on July 14th which is Girls Serve and Skate Day there will be events in addition to the Eugene, Oregon flagship event.

Above is a flyer for the Toronto event and there will be events in:

  • Encinitas, California
  • Phoenix, Arizona
  • Sarasota, FL
  • Sydney, Australia

Check out this video for more info.

Till tomorrow – Friday the last full day of Girls Week 2018 with Skate Rising at Woodward West – keep it stylish on & off the board.


Woodward West Girls Week- Skate Rising Learn to Skate Clinic & Water Balloon Fight

Woodward West is known for its large variety of action sports facilities.

Plus it offers camps in

People come from all around the world to visit Woodward West and learn from the best.

Usually campers focus on their action sport, but this week all campers had an opportunity to participate in a Learn to Skate Clinic with  Skate Rising,

Several pro skateboarders participated in the clinic.

Above Allysha Le and below Meagan Guy

I love to see people try new things.  Trying new things is the true spirit of the Growth Mindset because all new things can be scary.

We each have the choice to power through the fear because as we heard from Nina on Tuesday fear is not real.  We all start as beginners and with willingness to practice and learn from mistakes we have the ability to achieve our goals.

Everyone’s goals are unique to them.  If you’re having fun skateboarding, you should keep skateboarding and set goals that you are comfortable with.

It’s better to be the girl who tried skateboarding and did not like it then the girl who just wondered because she was afraid to try.

I hope that whatever it is you are going to try, you have the benefit of those who will “hold your hand” and cheer you on.  Yes, you have to believe in yourself but it’s so much easier to do that when you surround yourself with those who believe in you.  And please pay it forward by encouraging others.  It’s so inspiring to see pros take time to help beginners.

Woodward West might also be known for it’s weather.  It gets HOT during the day. So there’s tons of sun screen application and drinking water plus there’s time for water balloon fights!  It’s so hot the water dries super quick!

Fighting is not the answer unless it’s water balloon fighting in the heat.

It’s hard to believe Wednesday is over.  This week is going fast and next week is the start of

Hope you are enjoying the posts as much as I am enjoying writing them. For more pictures click below.





Skate Rising 2018 Feed the Need Tour

Skate Rising 2018 “Feed the Need Tour” presented by @tactics! is just a week away.

Come join us at one, or more, of the events for an opportunity to have a positive impact on the world around you and participate in free learn-to-skate clinics with @stompsessionsprofessionals.

Click on the pictures above to learn more.

Skate Rising is “Compassion through service, empowerment through skateboarding.”  Each of the events includes education, community service, and skateboarding – you’re never done learning on or off the board and everyone benefits when we support and encourage each other.

For information on the parks:

Sky Park in Scotts Valley, CA

Sutter’s Landing in Sacramento, CA

Hilltop Skatepark in San Francisco, CA

Kennedy Skate Park in Napa, CA

Washington-Jefferson Skatepark in Eugene, OR

I’m on a mission to hit the CA locations and I’d love if you shared your stories of the stops you hit (tag or email me to have your story shared in a blog post).