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What Happened to the SkateXS Board that Flat Stanley Built?

Back in 2016 I had the pleasure of hosting Flat Stanley. One of the many places I took Flat Stanley was the SkateXS workshop in Carlsbad, CA where we built a deck.

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The skateboard went to Louisiana where it found a home with Emma. I was super excited to see that Emma had fun with her board this past holiday season.

As the skatingfashionista I absolutely love the dress. My hope is that Emma and her board have a fabulous 2019.

It would be awesome to see her take the board on adventures. We all start skating somewhere. Having the courage to step on the board might just be the hardest decision we make.

The real lessons of skateboarding come when we keep having the courage to get back on the board. Falling will be inevitable and if you find a love for skateboarding than getting back up will also be inevitable.

May 2019 be your year to challenge yourself to be the best skater you can be. Whether it’s cruising, street, park, downhill . . . keep skateboarding for fun & keep challenging yourself to be your best on and off the board.

Hello 2019

After taking a break to refresh, I’m ready for 2019. Before moving on to new posts, I just want to say THANK YOU to everyone who made 2018 a wonderful year.

I love skateboarding and I love sharing skateboarding. Skating and volunteering at events is fun “work”. When I say I needed a break I mean from school. I’m a junior so in addition to classes, it’s SAT time.

To be honest I’m scared. Where will I be in two years? It’s the first time in my life that I’ll be leaving for the unknown. There are endless unknowns from where should I want to go to will my scores be “good enough”.

As someone who’s never focused on numbers or defined her self worth by a number, I find it disturbing that my near term future appears to be all about the numbers. I appreciate that I had my skateboard and could just go out skating with my dad this past holiday season.

Here’s to 2019 – I hope this blog inspires many girls to try skateboarding. It really is liberating to just balance on your board and roll away from everything.

Plus no matter where I end up for college I won’t be going alone because my skateboard goes anywhere and I can always bring it back home to skate with my dad.

Skate Rising Celebrates the Holidays at the YMCA Ecke Skatepark

photos by Mike Moore

Over 100 girls came out to the December Skate Rising event at the YMCA Ecke Skatepark in Encinitas, California on Saturday December 8, 2018.

In addition to skateboarding with their friends the girls had the opportunity to learn from other girls

Angela Strong lending a helping hand.

and from skateboarding pros like Neal Mims!

The event was free to attend and free rental equipment was available.  Those who could donated new toys for the Community Resource Center.

The girls under the leadership of Skate Rising Founder Calli Kelsay, discussed all the other ways they can give back. In addition to physical gifts there are the gifts of time and kindness that all of us can share daily.

Yes, it’s always fabulous to get a new toy, skateboard, or clothes but what really matters is knowing that you are not alone. Friendship makes everything better, even being stuck in line or studying is better with a buddy.

Wishing you tons of joy and hoping you share your joyous skate adventures because more girls really do skateboard and keep skateboarding when they are surrounded by encouragement.

The Lady in Orange

Above Teresa is trying new things in Chihuahua Mexico – where are you having fun skateboarding?

Anywhere you are is the right place to skate.  Thanks to Un Dia De Patients for sharing this picture and check them out on IG to see more girls having fun skateboarding.

Skateboarding builds self-confidence on & off the board.  The skills you learn skating will help you through life and taking the time to share your skills enriches the world.

Tis the season to give – not just material items, but of yourself.  Give the gift of your encouragement because it’s a gift that will grow.

Style Comes From the Inside

Feelin all sorts of fabulous in my $5 goodwill nightgown. Skate gowns are a look 😘                       Lex

Confidence to wear what you want and where you want will always come thru and make you look stylish.

If you’re looking for more style tips check out Lex’s IG account, she’s a skateboarder, stylist and musician who loves to have fun as she empowers girls.

Where are you having fun skateboarding?  Whether it’s in the park, on the street, or anywhere in between when you take the time to share you inspire other girls to skate.

This season give someone the gift of skateboarding – it builds self-confidence on & off the board – which is of course always in style.



Clairemont Skatepark Turkey Shoot

I hope you had an awesome Thanksgiving where ever you were.  One of the best days of my Thanksgiving break was on the Saturday before at the Clairemont Skatepark 1st ever Turkey Shoot.

There was art – above @jabbabiggs619 was the highest bidder on one of the signed @stevecaballero prints

There was of course skateboarding and above all there was fun.  For a detailed recap be on the look out for @dakotaolave’s awesome recap video of the Turkey Shoot on @theeboysofficial youtube channel

And YES – the girls were ripping too!  The Clairemont YMCA supports and empowers all skaters & bikers & scooters because all people are better off with fun & encouragement in their lives.


Till next time keep it stylish on & off the board & please share what events you’ve gone too!

Visiting Place du Trocadéro With Her Skateboard

Place du Trocadéro is an area in Paris France across the Seine from the Eiffel Tower. The views are incredible and perhaps even better when you’re visiting with your skateboard.

Above Eugene shares a picture of Marina skateboarding at Place du Trocadéro.  What’s the most beautiful spot you’ve skateboarded?

I blog about girls skateboarding around the world because more girls skate when they see girls having fun skating and we encourage each other. Before I started blogging, I had not idea how many beautiful places there are to skate.

Whether it’s skating down your street or a street you had a chance to visit, I hope you take the time to share the fun you’re having on your skateboard.

I also hope you take the time to encourage your friends to skate with you because skating is even more fun when you skate with friends!

EXPOSURE Women’s Skateboarding Event 2018

EXPOSURE returned to the Encinitas Community Park in California on November 2nd – 4th. The 2nd was a day of preparation while the 3rd and 4th were full of exciting competitions for bowl, street, and vert skaters.

In addition to competitions there were activities like learn to skate and yoga.

Skate Rising, EXPOSURE Skate’s youth program for girls which focuses on compassion through service and empowerment through skateboarding, hosted several fun activities.

Above girls built activity kits for Rady’s Children’s hospital and below the girls were signing “Kindness Contracts” and painting “Love Rocks”.

Women and girls traveled from around the world to participate and even more women and girls will be inspired to start or keep skateboarding because “seeing is believing”!

EXPOSURE Skate the event started in response to the documentary UNDEREXPOSED

EXPOSURE Skate is a positive step in the overall quest for women’s equality. All people are capable when opportunities are available and EXPOSURE Skate creates opportunities  for women of all ages and skill levels within the skateboarding world.

In addition to the prizes awarded and won through raffles the San Diego Community Resource Center received a $5,000 donation to support victims of domestic abuse. If you or someone you know is being abused please feel empowered to reach out to San Diego CRC.

Until next time keep it stylish by always believing you can achieve anything you set goals for and work towards and by working with others to create a better tomorrow.



TLC – Tilly’s Life Center Continuing to Grow & Positively Impact Teens

On October 13, 2018 Tilly’s Life Center held their 4th annual

I am Giving Gala

at The Yost Theater in Southern California.

Tilly’s Life Center aka TLC is a youth-focused nonprofit empowerment program for teens helping to change attitudes and mindsets in order to overcome adversity and ultimately find happiness and success.

I’ve been blogging about TLC for years because I 110% believe in what they are doing. As a teen, I know how stressful life can be and how tools can make the difference.

I wish that my school had the TLC program which started in schools and other institutions throughout California and is now available throughout the world – yes TLC Israel has launched!

For details on the TLC program click here.  All of this started when Tilly Levine took the time to share what works for her and continues because of all the people who continue to give.

I had the pleasure to catch up with Tilly before the gala and here’s what she had to share.

SF: Since last year what are your proudest TLC accomplishments?

Tilly: I’m most proud of our amazing growth. This year we helped 1,600 students, which is a 40% growth. TLC was in 13 high schools and 12 other organizations. We are impacting an entire range of kids, not just teens at risk. TLC is for everybody because everyone can gain from empowerment skills.

We are introducing the program in the Simon’s Academy in Indianapolis next month. So, the growth is continuing and I couldn’t be more excited.

SF: Why do you continue to be so committed to TLC?

Tilly: I feel that as adults it is our responsibility to give the right skills to our youth. How to deal with their thoughts, feelings, moods, and behaviors. The curriculum we developed is providing the skills that develop social and emotional intelligence. Helping them handle their life in a responsible and positive way will positively impact their life and the lives of others.

I consider this generation a hero generation. The youth today has so much power with social media. The can make this world a better place if we give them the right tools.

SF: What is your number one goal for next year? 

Tilly: We are in the process of creating a documentary. It is not completely dialed in yet but that’s the goal.

SF: What is the process for selecting the “I am one of a kind award” and the “I am inspiring award”?

Tilly: People that actually make a difference in youth life. We love to see and share the stories of how teens are able to grow, learn, and succeed because others took the time to teach and invest in them.

Whatever you’re doing today, I hope you take time out to check out what TLC is doing. Check them out to give and more importantly check them out so you can grow too.  Their IG has tips on how you can stay motivated and their website has a collection of PSAs from TLC students that help address the problems teens face daily.

 Till next time keep it stylish on & off the board.  Please share how you’re keeping it stylish and who is helping you.  We all grow when we know about TLC and programs like it.


Monkey Dance

What are you up to this Monday?

Sol calls this

I call this the monkey dance 🐒😂

Wherever you are this Monday, I hope you have a chance to get out there and have fun skateboarding.

For me it’s finals weeks, so I’ll have to make the time.  Breaks after all are essential to overall health.

Sol is based in Madrid, Spain – where are you having fun skateboarding?

More girls skate when they see stylish girls having fun skating and when we encourage each other.  Skating and encouragement are universal!