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The Heart Supply – Skateboarding culture club

A friend shared the news of the The Heart Supply with me, so I want to share it with you.

At the moments there’s some mystery but it looks like we are about to know more in 4 days!

What are you passionate about? When you follow your passions, you give the world your best and giving your best is contagious. Contagious in a miraculous and good way, because excellence inspires excellence.

Even when we fall, when we get back up we inspire others to keep going. When you skate, you may think it’s just you and your board. In some ways skating is an escape, a way to have “me” time. But in other ways skating is a community. There’s joy in having fun skating with others and there’s definitely the ability to inspire each other to keep improving.

This quest to keep improving, to have fun while you’re learning is something that stays with you on and off the board.

Get out there – follow your passions and then like the Heart Supply share it with the world.

Bye the way – happy Friday the 13th. Never let superstition scare you into not doing something. All days are meant to be your best day – luck is where you work & make it!

KateBoards Meet Ups

My friend Kate is on a mission. She started Kateboards and leads it with passion – she organizes skate meet ups to bring girls together.

One girl is strong – girls working together are invincible.

Above a picture from a recent skate event. Upcoming events:

Tuesday – 9/17

Thursday 9/26

Tuesday 10/8

Thursday 10/24

Go follow them to find out more. One of these days I won’t have a conflict of work or cramming for an exam, so I hope to see you at one soon!

And yes – you can wear a dress or whatever your style is because skateboarding is about sharing your style and learning from others, it’s never about conformity.

Girls can skate south africa

click to watch recap video of event

I love the message that Girls Skate South Africa is sharing! I’ve blogged about them before and had to share about their recent event with Vans.

Watch the video and follow them to be inspired. In addition to skating, they are teaching the girls about topics that matter. Giving them information that will improve their lives on and off the board.

Ugly doesn’t stop growing until we work together to stop it. Pretending a problem doesn’t exist has never solved a problem. So whatever your problem is have the courage to talk about it and work with others to end it.

Skateboarding has introduced me to so many people and organizations who work to improve communities and they all started by speaking up.

Use your voice to make a positive difference. Bystanders don’t make positive change, if anything they make things worse by giving bullies an audience and protection. Live your life – speak your truth!

b4bc’s Skate the coast

Boarding For Breast Cancer ™

Shredding the love since 1996. B4BC™ is the original youth-focused breast cancer education foundation for health + wellness.

19 miles from the Santa Monica Pier to Redondo Beach, CA – who’s doing it?

This event sounds so fun and for such an important cause!

Click on photo to go to Boarding for Breast Cancer’s Web Page & find out more!

Borrowing a skateboard

I came to Belgium with just my cruiser board. I always love cruising in Knokke-Heist. I especially love the never ending boardwalk.

But this time I checked out the Skatepark at Duinenwater, which is part of an amazing compound of activities. As soon as I saw the other skaters, I was missing my other board.

I missed it so much that I got up my nerve and asked a stranger if I could borrow his board. Thankfully he said YES!

I ended up borrowing several boards throughout my stay. Next time I’ll bring mine for sure. I just wanted to share this because I think it’s important to be afraid and still do something. It was scary asking strangers who speak a different language for help. Plus it’s important to be helpful to strangers. My fellow skaters did not know me. The risk was low that I would skate off with his board, the park is fenced in, but there was risk. Take some risks, the world truly is a better brighter place when we help and trust each other both on and off the board.

lending a hand to a drop in

Dropping in is a right of passage in skateboarding. It looks amazingly graceful when you see someone with confidence doing it.

But those first times that it’s you that’s going to do it – well that’s scary. A few feet can look like thousands of feet because it’s you that’s going down them.

amazing photos from @skatehalleberlin ⚡️ it’s soo great to see the female 🛹 community grow in Berlin and it’s so rad that everyone is supporting each other 🔥👊👭 Check @nikesbshelter / @skatehalleberlin for weekly indoor girls skate sessions 🙌
Photo cred 📷 @thaisespezin
seen on Skate Girls Berlin

What can stop the fear is that helping hand. I love every picture I see of someone getting help dropping in.

As the person who’s been in both positions, I can assure you the helper has as much fun and maybe more joy when the person makes it.

How are you helping others? Whether it’s on or off the board, a helping hand boosts all hand up!

Check out Skate Girls Berlin – they are passionate about connecting and empowering Girls who love skateboarding – they are building community!

Boy meets girl Pillow

Recently, I received a pillow from Boy Meets Girl first ever home collection!

My pillow says “Confidence and courage never go out of style”

The collection consists of six beautiful pillows available at Target.

As you can see each pillow has its own powerful statement. I love this because it makes it easy to remember the positive things in life.

The idea behind Boy Meets Girl’s home collection is to bring positivity and confidence to your home.

I decided to bring my pillow to my family home in Knokke-Heist, Belgium. My family comes here all the time and every time I get homesick. The pillow makes me feel better about being far from my California home by reminding me that I can be confident and stylish anywhere.

In addition to building your confidence, every pillow purchased donates a percentage to the National School Climate Center’s BullyBust program to combat intolerance in schools so everyone can feel confident.

What helps build your confidence when you’re far from home? Next fall I’m going to college, so I’d love to hear your tips.

Kateboard’s Skate Date!

For those unfamiliar with the brand Kateboards, they are …

“devoted to the inclusion & progression of female skateboarders of all levels through community, collaboration, and quality products.”

This Thursday, July 25th, at 6:30pm Kateboards will be having a ladies skate date at Swamis Beach.

Skaters of all levels are invited to come meet on the grass in font of the beach then skate with us to Culture for pizza and drinks.

The journey is just under a mile!

Hope to see you there. XO!

For more information on Kateboards check out their website.

July 2019

This month Skate Rising was at the Encinitas YMCA skatepark. Like always we shared lots of love and encouragement.

Photo by Mike Moore

Seventy five girls came together to help build activity kits for kids at Rady Children’s Hospital. They included coloring books, puzzles, crayons, lanyards, and stickers.

This month our guest speaker, California, was extra special because she is a long time member of Skate Rising.

California has Periodic Fever Syndrome and created The Flying Lifeguards to raise awareness.

I hope you have time to check out her site.

I admire California for her go getter attitude and desire to help others like her.

The Wonders of Apricot Oil

Recently I have been using Maple Holistics Apricot Oil. 

As someone who is constantly battling with acne and other skin imperfections this has made a huge impact in my life! 

Over the past couple months I’ve noticed an evening in my skin tone, reduced acne scarring, along with super smooth and soft skin. 

It even strengthens and de-frizzes my hair. Which is a big plus for me considering my hair is extremely long and thick. 

This is one of my junior prom photos where thanks to apricot oil my skin and hair are looking bomb!

Apricot oil is extremely rich in antioxidants, vitamins A, B, C, E, omega 6, and fatty acids. This helps nourish your skin in addition to prevent and stop fine lines, wrinkles and dark spots. (It’s not just me saying it works – it’s SCIENCE!!!)

In addition to the amazing changes it has made for my skin and hair I love how Maple Holistics produces their products and their standards. 

Maple Holistics uses 96-100% pure and naturally sourced ingredients to promise products that work. 

Their primary goal is to provide a natural, holistic range of premium products which can enhance hygiene, health, and daily living.

Who doesn’t love that?