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You Got This

As I’m finishing finals, I really appreciate the importance of having friends to remind me

The cartoon is by Jenn Mitchell aka @comixbyjenn – she’s a Torontonian living in Seoul.

I asked her about the inspiration for the cartoon and here’s what she had to share:

My cartoon was inspired by my amazing friend and co-worker of 10 years, Skye. When I draw people I think about characteristics that define them. Immediately when I began to draw Skye her love for skateboarding, and of course her Vans skate shoes, came to mind! She has been skateboarding since she was a young girl and is a great example of someone who goes against the grain and is fearless in everything she does! Skye is opinionated, hilarious, and a great friend who would give you the shirt off her back! She has been friends with Deb, the other person in the cartoon, for over 30 years! She is also a great example of a woman who supports other women and girls!
We all got this once we realize life is a process of learning – whether it’s skateboarding or chemistry – no one woke up an expert – it’s our choice to decide to learn and take the falls/mistakes as experience. Believing in ourselves and keeping the positive attitude is easier with friends, so surround yourself with those who encourage and be an encourager.

Mia Lovell

Skate Rising  is an opportunity to meet other skater girls. At the Encinitas Skate Rising events I’m able to meet the girls in person and through Skate Rising Phoenix I’m able to meet girls virtually.

One Arizona skater girl that inspires me is Mia Lovell.

At 11 years old, she’s been skateboarding almost half her life and doing wonders to share skateboarding with other girls.

More girls skate when they see girls having fun skating so it’s wonderful that she has already been featured on TV.

Plus she’s sponsored by Autonomy Skateboards so she’s working with a team to encourage and inspire more girls to skate.

I had a chance to ask her some questions and this is what she had to share.

You started skateboarding at 5 – how did you first get involved?  

Mia:  My Dad grew up skating. When I was 5 we went to Hermosa Beach for vacation, and he put me on a board and would roll me down the pier. I was hooked!

What motivates you to keep skateboarding?  

Mia:  Progression! Each time I land something that I wasn’t sure I could, it makes me want to push further.

How do you think skateboarding has helped you off the board?

Mia:  My parents constantly talk about how shy I used to be, and how much I’ve grown as a result of competing in skateboarding comps. It has forced me to push beyond my comfort zone..

When did you first go to a Skate Rising event and what made you want to keep coming back? 

Mia:  The first Skate Rising event I attended was at 91W. It was so great to see so many girls together, after being used to skateparks full of boys. It was a blast!

What was your favorite Skate Rising activity/service project and why?

Mia:  We made meals for the homeless, and then delivered them with my family. It was pretty cool to see how happy they were to get them.

Have you met friends at Skate Rising that you now skate with at other times or just stay connected somehow?

Mia:  Yes, I have some friends I met through Skate Rising who I skate with now, and who have become good friends.

What would you like to share about the Phoenix skate community?

Mia:  The skating scene in Phoenix is huge! There are over 30 public parks, and a whole bunch of private parks in people’s back yards. I’m lucky enough that my Dad built me a park at our house too. We have people over to skate all the time, and sometimes have groups of up to 50 girls to skate and hang out. It’s an awesome community!

Thanks Mia for taking the time to share!

School this term has been hard – more chemistry than life and the reason I’m not giving up is the persistence I’ve learned through skateboarding. What lessons have you learned through skateboarding? Skateboarding is sport, art, and so much more – so take the time to share why and how you have fun skateboarding.

So Happy You Cry

Have you ever been so happy you just start crying?  I have and I’m glad to know I’m not alone.

Huge congrats to Beatriz

Finally backside boardslide on a rail! I wanna cry!! 🎉🎊🎏🎉🎊🎏

If Beatriz looks familiar it’s because of her November 12th post.  I’m behind in writing  – school this year, Chemistry especially is killing me – but I always want to write about the girls who out there having fun and inspiring others to take risks, follow your dreams, and work to make things happen!

Where are you having fun skating and what are you most proud of?

Check out Beatriz aka @frausonnenblume because she now has board slides on lock.  I’ve learned the hard way, that if you don’t keep up with a trick you can lose it – so make time to skateboard.  As soon as Chemistry is over, I’ll be at the park so much more!


Flying Into The Weekend

I’ve been spending so much time on my Chemistry class that the blog posts have become less and less frequent – I’m so sorry for that.  I just took a Chemistry Test so headed into the weekend, I feel anything is possible.

Maybe I’ll even fly like Cecilia and her cat

Yes – her cat trusts her, not sure mine would or should. Cecilia’s on the Moxi Skate Team and make it all look so graceful.

She definitely inspires me to keep practicing.  Who inspires you? More girls skate when they see girls having fun skating so I hope you share soon.


Every Road is a Road for You & Your Skateboard

@NINOUSHKAYA is quite the traveler, I love how she finds adventures on & off her skateboard.

Above she’s in Ericeira, Portugal and recently she was in Nicaragua.

Where are you having fun skateboarding?  More girls skate when they see girls having fun skating so I hope you share soon.

The world is a huge and wonderful place – thanks to all who share their adventures and inspire all of us to see & do more.




542 Miles: A Journey Across Tennessee

I first wrote about Greenway Surfers a longboard crew from Nashville Tennessee back in 2015.  Since then they’ve continued to promote and share the love of skateboarding.

You can always check them out on IG and now you can read a book by one of their members! Anna Albright’s book is now available in paperback and one place to get it is Amazon.

542 Miles is the true story of a sixteen-year-old girl’s travels from the Mississippi River to North Carolina. Accompanied by her father, they spent 35 days walking across Tennessee. There was plenty of encouragement from friends and strangers who were kind enough to provide a place to sleep. The trip was full of unexpected encounters with police officers, store employees, dogs, and passing drivers.

They were walking – but next time maybe she’ll be longboarding because

What do you love?  When you share about your passions like Anna does, you inspire others to follow their passions.

All journeys start with a first step – or a first push! I hope all of you take the time and find the courage to go on an adventure. And may we all be lucky enough to have an adventure buddy – the trip is always more fun with friends & family.

Above a fun video from Greenway_Surfers and below Anna with her mom – maybe the next book is coming soon! For now go check out 542 Miles and let me know what you think.



Skate Up #walkup

When I received this picture yesterday, I was YES!!!

When we walk UP to someone and offer kindness it makes a positive difference for everyone.

I’ve been the girl sitting alone, the girl in the “hard” classes that no one wanted to partner with, and the girl that was avoided like the plague because no one wanted to be friends with the girl who was bullied.  But I’ve also been the girl who’s been shown kindness and I can 100% say it made a difference.

Kindness gives people hope. You hear the phrase everything passes – well despair, sadness, depression pass a lot faster when you receive kindness.

Kindness is good for the giver too! Personally I’ve had my day and attitude turn around positively by offering kindness.

Put aside any excuses – from I don’t know that person, I’m too busy, what will others think if I talk to them – and just #walkup or #skateup.  You have the power to make a difference and something as simply as a smile or holding someone’s hand can make a huge positive difference.

I’d love if you shared stories about times you’ve skated up & made a difference – the more stories we share the more inspiration we give and that’s how kindness grows.

Ditching the Pride

“Ditching the pride” is a precursor to trying new things and I’m so glad @power2joy mentioned it as part of her first skateboarding adventure.

It’s so true – how many times has pride stopped you from trying something new?  It’s happened to me.  No one likes to fail or be seen failing, but if we’re really going to grow we have to be willing to fail, get back up, and learn.

Another important part of ditching the pride is asking for help. I’ve learned that as I take harder classes at school, I need help.  It’s not a comfortable feeling to not understand something or admit you don’t understand. It can seem that everyone around you understands and that there’s something wrong with you. Stop that negative talk, it’s your pride talking. Ask for help and keep trying until you understand it too.

Success on and off the board is achieved when you put your pride aside and work for it.

Thanks for sharing @power2joy – I agree with your quote:

The ability to enjoy new things at any age is an awesome way of being fully alive!

How are you living?  Hope you share your skating adventures soon because what we learn on the board helps us grow in all areas.


Celebrate Roller Skating with Your Girls

@pleminin shared this picture of having fun roller skating with her girls in her hometown.

March 8, 2018 was International Women’s Day but everyday should be the day we celebrate each other.  When we encourage each other everyone wins – we learn, we have fun, we grow. Roller skating is a fun way to encourage each other – it’s exercise, it’s camaraderie, and it teach you lessons like falling is not failing.

@pleminin says

it’s always fun to skate outside and especially with such great friends – we all just met because of the same interest and now we’re founding a #rollerderbyteam

When we work together the possibilities are open to what we can create.

Together @pleminin and her friends have created a Roller Derby Team check out @smokybeeringsrollerderby – it’s Bamberg’s first roller derby team.

The team is in Germany, where are you having fun skating with your friends?  All around the world girls grow as they skate and encourage each other to skate!

Thanks for sharing @pleminin and as for your cartwheel – my goal is to just think about trying that – AMAZING!





Jane Doe to the World

Love so many things about this video.  First it’s from @janedoetotheworld – love that IG name and secondly as someone who’s been trying to learn how to roller skate I identify with the caption:

Sesh in Rog, humped coping, got higher, tried out bowl, was sweating like a horse, had amazing time!

Roller skating in the bowl is for me equal parts challenge, fun and sweat.

When I asked Jane why she loves it & wants to encourage other girls to skate when it’s such hard work she said:

I think girls should encourage each other to go out of their comfort zone and try some crazy stuff! Why it’s fun… I guess the main reason you stick to all the falling and failing is because it’s so rewarding when you land the trick you couldn’t before. And when you do it in company of other skaters that encourage and help you, it gets amazing. Even though you are crazy tired and you end evening with jelly legs, you are happy, full of energy and in my case, with clearer head. So go out, do something you think you can’t and you’ll feel amazing!

Everything Jane said has been true for me and I hope you go out and experience it too.  I’ve been roller skating at the same park I skateboard at and the response has been amazing – the encouragement to try something new has been overwhelming.

Where are you having fun skating and who’s encouraging you?  Hope you share soon.

Below Jane with friends & you can feel the fun!

I can only hope to get air like this one day!

And this – well this is strictly long term goals for me!

Above Jane was at Skatepark Alprem in Slovenia – all around the world girls are skating with style & encouraging other girls.