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Crisis or Opportunity for Girl Skateboarding?

girl skating trend

When asking for support for the blog, someone sent me this. I said “great more math then mom what’s this supposed to mean?”

My mom helps with the blog and now is the graph interpreter. The following is her opinion and I support it.

Fewer people are googling Girls Skateboarding now than a decade ago. Could be a million reasons why. I wouldn’t worry about what’s happened in the last decade. Focus on today: keep showing girls skateboarding.

Girls Longboarding  was not even on the graph in the beginning. Proof that interests change – they can grow or decline it’s largely based on their advocates.

Who sends a 13 year old skatingfashionista a graph? Graphs aren’t fun or fashionable.





Why I’m doing this Blog for Girl Skateboarding


I shared this picture on skatingfashionista IG – with the message that some say girls can’t or shouldn’t skate. They are wrong.

I know it helped one girl get back on her board. And I know she’s not the only one intimidated to practice because the parks are filled with boys. I was terrified of boys at the skate park.

Looking back – I was a big part of my fears – the story in my head was all boys hate girl skaters so I was sure they all hated me. Now a couple years later I realize they don’t all hate me and the ones that do would hate me even if I didn’t skate. I also found that a lot of skaters are like me – word limited – I start talking when I know you.

So follow this blog & it’s IG show the world there is support for girl skaters! More girls skate when they see girls skating.





2015 Wishes for Girls Skateboarding

happy new year

My 3 Wishes for 2015

  1. More Girl Skateboard Sessions – doesn’t have to be all girls or formal just needs to be known that girls will be in the park so come on out!
  2. Skateboard Shoe Discounts for Girls – girls can wear boy shoes – just give girls a discount like half off, BOGO, punch card system, get creative at getting girls skate shoes!
  3. Subscribers – I’m sounding like Tobuscus – show everyone there is interest in Girls Skateboarding by following the blog & Instagram SKATINGFASHIONISTA



Skateboarding is Ageless


Skating is global and ageless – check out Emily in the UK.

She’s a lucky girl to have a daddy supporting her but the skating is all her watch the video to see her shred. You can check her out on the vert ramp too!

Emily really has so many awesome shots on her Instagram it was hard to pick just one – in the end I went with Hello Kitty one of my all time favorite fashionistas.



Skateboarding with Daddy


Me & my dad – literally that’s his shadow. Thank you daddy for believing I could skate before I did.

I hope all the girls starting skating have someone as supportive as my daddy & my coach Neal Mims – who make it ok to fall and show you falling isn’t failing.

Neal you do take way better pictures than daddy – he tries bless him he tries.

Skateboarding in a Skirt?

teach skating

Of course you can skate in a skirt. I especially like short skirts with leggings or tennis skirts.

Check out Thaisgazarra on IG she shreds in style and teaches others to be skating fashionistas.

Hope this Christmas lots of girls got skateboards so there’ll be more and more pictures of skating fashionistas!