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Encouraging Girl Skateboarding


I wouldn’t be skateboarding without my dad & mom’s encouragement. I love to see other girls get encouragement. Good job Glitteryaj showing your daughter skateboarding is fun & fashionable! Trust me if you don’t fear the board, you skate a lot better and learn faster.

Yesterday I went to the first Exposure Skate Ride & Dine.  It was at the new park in Cardiff CA and Leaucadia Pizza in Encinitas. Exposure Skate is dedicated to empowering women. I am so thankful for groups and companies like them – Hoopla, Skate Like a Girl, Girls Skate Network, and Girls Not a Four Letter Word are just a few examples of organizations  that offer encouragement to girls to start and keep skateboarding.

Hurley Supports Girl Skateboarding

hurley clotthes

I had the pleasure of visiting Hurly Headquarters in Costa Mesa, CA and chatting with Dominique Astorino their PR & Communications expert. I’m not sharing pictures from the tour because it was after all at their top secret compound. Literally they have a village of buildings, which look incredibly similar from the outside but once inside – WOW.

Hurley is known for its contribution to surfing. Reading about their technology like Phantom board shorts that are faster, lighter, and flexible is one thing – seeing them in action incredible. In the town hall building that’s exactly what was going on videotaping of the board shorts in action.

Making commercials isn’t all that happens in the Town Hall there’s a passage to the recording studio. Complete with instruments and state of the art equipment. And does Hurley have equipment in another building they keep it old school with an actual dark room. They can also make surf boards. And in another studio where the walls are floor to ceiling graphics from past shirts, they can silk screen old school.

They are also high tech with a wall of touch screens to check on all their social media sites and maybe my favorite high tech gadget the coffee table. Yes they have a coffee table whose face is a big screen television. It explains along with actual wet suits how thermo light technology works. Being a fashionista I appreciate clothing that’s less weight and keeps you warmer.

Throughout the offices there are people working collaboratively on graphics and other things. It was not at all like the show The Office – I totally believe they like each other and enjoy their jobs. And they like to give back – they have a charity similar to Make a Wish.

I really loved all the photos on the walls– made me feel they are proud of their history and that they have so many interests in addition to surfing such as skateboarding. They have their own indoor skate park including a wood pool. As if that’s not enough artists have come in and painted the walls. It was like being in a candy store and apparently they can go to other parks because they have a customized van from the Beastie Boys artist. It’s hard to decide if the skate park building or the last building on the tour was my favorite.

It is Hurley so you know they had a building which was the company store. A company store is like an outlet store only better because it has the latest things and discount prices that are real and no pushing and shoving. In addition to Hurley they have Nike SB. Literally they have a wall of Nike SB shoes all colors all styles.

I really had an excellent time and thank Dominique and Hurley for inviting me. By the way they found me through this blog and really want it to be successful. Yes they support girl power including girl skateboarding. I can’t tell you how much that inspires me to keep blogging.

As for the picture I selected to go with this post. Raglan sleeves this year I want to see raglan sleeves especially with fun colors. And I support wearing a bikini top under said raglan– because they had the world’s best bikini top – it did come in colors but I’m going with the basic black as this summer’s must have. After a summer session of skateboarding, you are ready for the beach!



Stylish Sneakers for Skateboarding

shoes 2

I live in my sneakers when skateboarding, so I like to keep them stylish. I recently customized my grey sneakers with black sharpie.

Happy feet – happy skater girl – hope others will share how they add their personal style to skateboarding.

One of the things I truly love about skateboarding is each rider adds their own creativity. From the board you ride, the clothes you wear, to the type of skating you do – it’s all your choice!








Skating Fashionistas Shake Off the Haters


This skating fashionista can be found at sajo360. In between runs she dances – stretching is important in any exercise!

Someone recently questioned my skating ability and asked “who are you to say girls can skate for fun & fashion?”

I say “who am I not too!”

Supporters keep sharing your pictures. More girls skateboard when they see girls skateboard.


Paris City of Love & Skateboarding Girls


Paris is known for its fashion designers with the twice-yearly Paris Fashion Week, and for its haute cuisine, with many three-star restaurants. And now it’s known for its skating fashionistas. I first noticed the style of Alix, she then told me she is not alone skating the streets of Paris and introduced me to the Surf_the _street_Paris crew.

I visited Paris several years ago and knew I’d have to keep going back for the fashion. Now I know I have to go back for the skateboarding too!

Everywhere Around the World Girls Can Skate


A must Instagram to check out is h_222_8 she’s keeping it fun and fashionable in the Republic of Korea and as you see she’s got friends.

Yes, I continue to get comments about how skating is not for girls and I don’t publish what I don’t believe. Girls can skate and you don’t have to be a master shredder to have fun skating – you need a board & a positive attitude. Stay tuned more proof that girls can skate to follow!

Skateboarding Ohana Style


Christian Ras Hafeez is an amazing athlete and inspiring coach. His skate school, Gravity Cartel,  teaches the world to ride one board at a time – Ohana Style.

From one of the classics – Lilo & Stich – Ohana means family and nobody gets left behind. Thanks Christian for the reminder skateboarding is about being family!

In my family we accept members for who they are. That means I support skaters on any kind of board and at their personal level.

Girls are Skateboarding in Russia


Yes, girls are definitely skateboarding in Russia, just check out katevoynova to see girls keeping it fun & fashionable. You can also find her on Riders Channel.

I love her fashion style and how she keeps the skate spots interesting. Skating is not a crime and parking garages really are ideal spots when it’s raining or snowing.


All Around the World Girls are Skateboarding

spain fashionista

Spain is where we find our next Skating Fashionista.

Juliaadam9 is definitely a stylish shredder. It’s really hard picking just one photo when she has so many fabulous shots.

Make sure to follow her on Instagram and share your pictures of girls skateboarding – together we prove #girlscanskate

And more girls are skateboarding as they see girls skateboarding – doubters & haters go away – we are here to skate & stay!