Hello 2019

After taking a break to refresh, I’m ready for 2019. Before moving on to new posts, I just want to say THANK YOU to everyone who made 2018 a wonderful year.

I love skateboarding and I love sharing skateboarding. Skating and volunteering at events is fun “work”. When I say I needed a break I mean from school. I’m a junior so in addition to classes, it’s SAT time.

To be honest I’m scared. Where will I be in two years? It’s the first time in my life that I’ll be leaving for the unknown. There are endless unknowns from where should I want to go to will my scores be “good enough”.

As someone who’s never focused on numbers or defined her self worth by a number, I find it disturbing that my near term future appears to be all about the numbers. I appreciate that I had my skateboard and could just go out skating with my dad this past holiday season.

Here’s to 2019 – I hope this blog inspires many girls to try skateboarding. It really is liberating to just balance on your board and roll away from everything.

Plus no matter where I end up for college I won’t be going alone because my skateboard goes anywhere and I can always bring it back home to skate with my dad.

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