How Mimi Tackles Thursday

Mimi tackled Thursday 9/28/17 with her all

a 3 hour practice session 💪🏻🍁

Pushed myself to try 5 brand new tricks, had 2 falls but got my first combo down; 180 Look Back 👀 & did my first 360 Step! If you want any tips or have any tips for me, please drop me a comment 😁✌🏻

I love Mimi’s determination.  Skateboarding can look so elegant but before the elegance is practice, practice, practice.  The practice might not be pretty, falling can be frequent, but it will pay off.

Allow yourself to learn from your mistakes. May the voice in your head be patient, understanding, and clever to learn what to do differently the next time.

Mimi is having fun skating North of England in the UK.  More girls skateboard when they see girls having fun skating and the skills they learn on the board (determination, patience) help them 24/7!



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