Stick With Skateboarding Until You Fall In Love

When you first start skateboarding it’s easy to become scared because it doesn’t feel natural and you’re sure that you’re going to fall. ¬†To be honest you will fall a lot even after you’ve been skateboarding awhile.

That’s why it’s important to know that others were scared too and they stuck with it just long enough to find out they love skateboarding.

In August of 2017 @madawgsk8 started skating

This was my first day on a board and I practiced pivoting (was anyone else scared when first learning how to?ūüėā) and turning for like 3 hours. then rode back and fourth in the corner of a room bouncing from wall to wall. I finally had the confidence to try this curve (it was a lot more intimidating to me than how it looks here) and as you can see I was soooo happy after I got it.

What does she think of her year old videos?

Crazy to me to watch my first video from almost a year ago, I‚Äôm so much more comfortable with myself and I‚Äôm becoming one with my board ūüôā I love skateboarding!!!

I’m so glad¬†@madawgsk8¬†shared because we all start as beginners and most of us have fears so it’s encouraging to hear that others have faced the same struggles and stuck with it.

Whether it’s on or off the skateboard don’t let fear rule you. ¬†Fear is not real, it’s your imagination talking to you, so tell your imagination to change their tone and direction to positive self talk.

@madawgsk8¬†practiced inside with help from a wall, what’s worked for you to improve your skateboarding? ¬†Hope you share your skate tips and inspiration soon.

Grace Longboarding Globally

Last time I blogged about Grace aka @IamGreySwan she was longboarding in New Zealand. ¬†Since then she’s been skating the world.

Above she just won¬†2nd place for People’s Choice during the Pipeline Solothurn slide jam in Solothurn, Switzerland where she now lives.

And as of the time I’m drafting this post she’s at¬†Kozakov Downhill Challenge in the Czech Republic.

photo by @cgsa_downhill

Austria was just one of her stops in between.

photo by @rosanne_onboard

All around the world more girls skateboard when they see girls having fun skating and a girl can travel the world with her board.

Are you traveling like Grace? ¬†Would love to share some of the places you’ve had fun skating.

La√≠s’ Skateboarding Advice¬†

La√≠s’ advice

Free your mind and do it with passion !

Her passion shows in her skateboarding – such style.

What are you passionate about? ¬†If you haven’t found your passion yet, it’s never too late. ¬†You’ll know it’s your passion because you are not only willing to work but you’ll find yourself enjoying the work.

Face your fears, take on challenges because on the other side could very likely be your passion. ¬†Fear is not real – I’ve been told it’s in your imagination. ¬†I believe it because fear is something you think will happen, not something in the present. So free your mind of fear and focus on the now and be present in whatever you are trying to do.

Till next time keep it stylish on & off the board. ¬†I’m in 11th grade now, so the school work is intense and the posts are farther apart but if you want to share please let me know. ¬†It will get posted as I have breaks in school work.

xoxo skating fashionista