Wandy Chan Teaching Skateboarding

Above Wandy & one of her classes

Having a great night with the youth yesterday!😄 This is my last skate class in 2017.its special and thanksful as we cruised around in the big park and i met those youth,they were so smart, kind and cute ! 👦👱👦👱Although we skated at midnight ,we had so much fun and they knew more about skateboarding ! ⭐ Wish they will have a Happy Christmas!🙈 🌲

Wandy has been skateboarding for about 16 years and she loves sharing skating with others.  While it took me forever to post this – sorry for the delay – Wandy has been teaching more.

How do you share your love of skateboarding?  Keep sharing because kindness grows exponentially and it really helps people stay motivated to learn on & off the board.

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