Sharing the Journey

I love that Mäe? shares her journey – both the good and the bad. So many times with social media people only share their highs. It can make others feel less than because how can “she” always be winning and having a perfect life.

Perfection is a myth!  In order to succeed (live a happy life & chase your dreams) you have to be willing to fall and willing to get back up and try again.

If you want to inspire others to try skateboarding or anything else, share your journey.  Share your entire journey. There is joy in learning because falling is not failing. The persistence you learn on the board will help you throughout life.

Where are you skateboarding?  Above Mäe is at the Base Skatepark in Bogner Regis, England and below she’s at the Southsea Skatepark who’s celebrating 40 years.

I love to see all the girls around the world having fun skateboarding and taking the time to encourage others. I hope you take the time to share soon.