Nothing Can Keep You Down

Loved Hailey’s caption

Even a “hipper” can’t keep me down?⚡


In skateboarding like life there are things that can slow you down.  An injury can keep you off your board.  But only you can keep yourself down. Your attitude and how you face falling and any other setbacks really will make the difference on what you accomplish.

The patience and persistence that you learn through skateboarding helps you face any adversity. As I’m entering the last week of Chemistry, I know that facing it with a positive attitude and an ability to try new ways to learn the material saved me.

You can do this! Maybe you can’t do it this minute, but if you keep at it you can do it!

Thanks to all the girls like Hailey who keep on trying & encourage others to do the same. Positivity and encouragement grow so keep sharing.

If Hailey looks familiar, you might have seen her at Skatelab, skating with her dog, or on set.  Yes, with a positive attitude & hard work you can achieve many goals.