Skateboarding Makes Her Happy

I love the smile on Renae’s face!

Whether it is skateboarding or something else, I wish everyone has something that makes them smile.

Life can be stressful.  For my little brother right now it’s school.  He is  writing finals, finishing a huge project and I just wish he had something that could take him away from all of his troubles like I have skateboarding.

“Playing” is never a waste of time – taking a break is what can reenergize you. So yes, get out that skateboard, go smile, and then comeback to face whatever you have to face!

Face life with a smile because your positive attitude can make tasks easier.

Renae is smiling and skateboarding in the UK.  Where are you having fun skateboarding?

Anna’s Favorite Skate Trick

Lately this is Anna’s @annkulig favorite trick! Above she’s in Lubbock, Texas.  She’s one to travel so you might find her having fun skateboarding anywhere in the world.

Be sure to check her out on Instagram & YouTube.

Plus check out the Polish Skate Federation.

Where are you having fun skateboarding & with who?  More girls skate when they see girls having fun skating and the skills they learn on the board empower them both on & off the board.

The world is a better place when we share smiles and encouragement so I hope you share your soon.

Océan Dubé

I blog about girls having fun skateboarding around the world because more girls skate when they see girls having fun skating and know that there’s support around the world.

océane dubé

oceane Dubé 9 ans pratique le skateboard et le snowboard 🇨🇦 sponsor :@lpapparel ambassadrice @skateboardsforhope🌏

In school I’m learning French, so I’m trying to practice my French and was excited to see @oceanedube_sk8 having so much fun skateboarding outside – despite the snow and inside.

Here’s my try at translating. She’s 9 and loves both skateboarding and snowboarding.

She’s in Quebec, Canada. So for sure her French is better than mine.  Where are you having fun skateboarding?

Here’s my try at writing part of this post in French – I hope Océan Dubé sends me corrections

Je parle de filles qui s’amusent à faire du skate dans le monde entier parce que plus de filles patinent quand elles voient des filles s’amuser et savent qu’il y a du soutien partout dans le monde.

Elle est sponsorisée par L & P Apparel.

Où t’amuses-tu à faire du skate?


Dancing In The Sunset

Sunsets are magical so why not dance in them like @desiree_3000?

She’s in Schwyz, Switzerland. Where are you having fun skateboarding?  More girls skateboard when they see girls having fun skateboarding and all girls gain when we support each other.

Whether you are here in California (like I am) or Switzerland like her or anywhere in between – we are all people and positivity grows when that’s what we radiate.

There are millions of ways to have fun on a skateboard so I hope you share your way soon.  I’m always in awe of girls who have grace on a longboard – I wish I could dance.