Skate Up #walkup

When I received this picture yesterday, I was YES!!!

When we walk UP to someone and offer kindness it makes a positive difference for everyone.

I’ve been the girl sitting alone, the girl in the “hard” classes that no one wanted to partner with, and the girl that was avoided like the plague because no one wanted to be friends with the girl who was bullied.  But I’ve also been the girl who’s been shown kindness and I can 100% say it made a difference.

Kindness gives people hope. You hear the phrase everything passes – well despair, sadness, depression pass a lot faster when you receive kindness.

Kindness is good for the giver too! Personally I’ve had my day and attitude turn around positively by offering kindness.

Put aside any excuses – from I don’t know that person, I’m too busy, what will others think if I talk to them – and just #walkup or #skateup.  You have the power to make a difference and something as simply as a smile or holding someone’s hand can make a huge positive difference.

I’d love if you shared stories about times you’ve skated up & made a difference – the more stories we share the more inspiration we give and that’s how kindness grows.

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