Ditching the Pride

“Ditching the pride” is a precursor to trying new things and I’m so glad @power2joy mentioned it as part of her first skateboarding adventure.

It’s so true – how many times has pride stopped you from trying something new?  It’s happened to me.  No one likes to fail or be seen failing, but if we’re really going to grow we have to be willing to fail, get back up, and learn.

Another important part of ditching the pride is asking for help. I’ve learned that as I take harder classes at school, I need help.  It’s not a comfortable feeling to not understand something or admit you don’t understand. It can seem that everyone around you understands and that there’s something wrong with you. Stop that negative talk, it’s your pride talking. Ask for help and keep trying until you understand it too.

Success on and off the board is achieved when you put your pride aside and work for it.

Thanks for sharing @power2joy – I agree with your quote:

The ability to enjoy new things at any age is an awesome way of being fully alive!

How are you living?  Hope you share your skating adventures soon because what we learn on the board helps us grow in all areas.


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