Sharing a Hug is Kindness

Random Acts of Kindness should occur everyday.  I believe they do and that more RAKs happen when their stories are shared and people see that kindness is not hard, it is as simple as a smile or giving someone a hug.

A hug takes seconds and can wipe away the pain of self-doubt, loneliness, and so much more. Hugs help the huggee and the hugger because love, kindness, peace, it all grows exponentially when shared.

To find out more about #RAKWEEK2018 check out Random Act of Kindness Org.  And if you have stories of how you shared kindness through skateboarding, please share them with me.  The more people who hear your story, the more people who are inspired to also be kind (and yes to skateboard).

Another organization that’s reminding others to “give a hug” is Art Revolution Foundation.

Art Revolution is an organization promoting art for happiness, health and education.

Art Revolution was founded by Nathan Sawaya, a world-renown artist, whose art focuses on large-scale sculptures using only LEGO® bricks.

Yes, I said art out of “toys”.  On January 21, 2018 (National Hugging Day) over 100 of his HUGMAN sculptures were placed around Los Angeles, California.

HUGMAN started before this year, click above to see just some of the places a HUGMAN has been spotted. I find this wonderful because sometimes all you need is a reminder of what’s important – a hug. Is it possible that you see a HUGMAN and he inspires you to hug someone?  I think yes!!!

The figures in the 2018 LA installation were customized by notable artists and pop culture influencers, including Tony Hawk, professional skateboarder and philanthropist.

Above the Tony Hawk HUGMAN which with all the other LA pieces are available through auction through February 14, 2018.  The money raised will benefit in school art programs.

You can also vote for HUGMAN to be an official LEGO set by clicking below.

Hugs can make the difference, so I hope the reminder that RAK week is this week and seeing the HUGMAN inspires you to go out there and give as many hugs as you can.

Hugs are stylish on and off the board.

XOXO Skatingfashionista

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