Vanessa Balanced On and Off Her Skateboard

Above a video from Vanessa @asanavanessa she’s a Toronto yogini, so the weather doesn’t always cooperate with skateboarding.  However, when it does – what a view she has.

Skateboarding is all about balance so to me it’s rolling yoga.  Vanessa always looks so graceful.

In addition to inspiring you with poses and challenges, she shares amazing tips.

That overwhelming feeling when you know you’re doing all the right things, and the future is looking bright.. and then it sinks in.
The doubt. The fear. It all comes rushing back.

On days where the feelings are too much, I push it away and tell myself “you are strong, you are supported, and you are loved” 🌟 Self doubt is a major downer, but when I find that little bit of confidence and that little push again, I take it and run with it! It powers me and fuels the energy I need to make it through these days.

So find a mantra that works for you when you’re down – even if everything is actually going right. It’s ok to feel sadness. Just don’t let it over take you, and embrace your power.

Vanessa is right, we all have doubt. It’s important to hear reminders that it’s normal and that it doesn’t have to stop us.  There’s plenty of times I have to tell myself “I can!”  So tell yourself you can and you’ll be on your way to making it happen on and off the skateboard.

How are you keeping it stylish on & off the board and where are you having skating adventures?  Hope you share soon because more girls skateboard when they see girls having fun skating and how the balance you learn from your board goes with you through life.


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