Skater Girl’s Answer to Construction

In NYC you have to expect some construction.  Ang sees it as another opportunity to skate – the video above shows how she makes it work for her!

Whether in traffic or at the park, Ang stays committed!  Persistence & patience are definitely things you learn from skateboarding.

How are you having fun skating & what are you learning?  Hope you share soon.

To see more of Ang you can also check out @sk8babes.


Encouragement is Powerful

Love when people celebrate the accomplishments of others.

Above is a video shared by @allysarita celebrating success in the bowl.  Encouragement is so powerful.

Encouragement and motivational comments emphasize on progress, efforts and continuous improvements rather than just getting the best results. It recognizes contributions, quality work over quantity and this fosters a sense of appreciation to their inner abilities.

Hope we all take the time to encourage each other both on & off the board.