Patineta Pa’Rato

Check out Patineta Pa’Rato’s on IG.  They’re Venezuelan skater girls supporting each other and skater girls across the world.  Above they were in Columbia for a Pan American Skate Contest.

They encourage and support girls of all ages and all types of risk takers.

How are you encouraging others to have fun skateboarding?  Hope you share soon.


Skateboard Girl Army

Did you know there’s a Skateboard Girl Army?

I didn’t until I saw this video of President Brook at Brook Run Skatepark in Atlanta, GA.

I love finding out about girls like this who are having fun skateboarding & encouraging each other.

Do you skate with a strong group of girls like this?  Please share because more girls skate when they see girls having fun skating and knowing where to meet up with fun skater girls is the best.

What Do You Do with Your 20 Year Old Skateboards

What do you do with your 20 year old skateboards?  Well you can still use them to skate or

as Maren shows us in these videos, you can share the fun of skateboarding with your nieces.

#girlscanskate and because of girls like Maren there’s more & more #skatergirlsnorway

Where are you having fun skateboarding?  And how are you helping to share the fun?

Success unshared is failure.

That’s a quote from John Paul DeJoria and I think it’s so true and that when people believe it they share their talents and we all have more fun!


MATIX CO X Mountain Dew Collaboration

Amateur California skateboarder Reemo Pearson, who’s sponsored by both Mountain Dew and Matix Clothing played a key role in the creation of this retro-inspired collection of apparel and accessories.

Above Reemo in the faded hood fleece – my favorite piece in the collection- and Jared Cleland in the long sleeve tee.

So the pieces look stylish, do they function?  Absolutely as seen in the video below with Reemo, Jordan Maxham, Anthony Anaya and Jared.

In all there are eight pieces (flannels, hoodies, hats & tees) available direct through Matix Clothing or at retailers.

Hope you check them out & have as much fun as I am wearing them.

On & off the board fun!



Only You Can Let An Obstacle Stop You

Sometimes in life you encounter obstacles.  Skateboarding has helped me learn how not to give up and get past the obstacle.

That’s why I love this picture of Sarah she just keeps skateboarding. An obstacle can stop you or you can figure out your way around – sometimes it’s over or under or through it.  What’s important is not giving up.

What has skateboarding helped you become stronger at?  When you share you inspire other girls to skateboard too.


Balance is Key

@eva_filipczak says

Balance is Key

She’s absolutely right on & off the board balance is the key.  We all have a million things to do but to get it all done you need to balance work with fun or you’ll just get burned out.

Eva is keeping it balanced above at Promenade des Anglais in France and below at Le port de Nice, Cote d’Azur also in France.

Where are you skating?  Whether it’s in the city or down the mountain, I hope you share soon because more girls skate when they see stylish girls having fun skating.