Yoga Teacher Learning How to Skateboard

I’m all about fashion for on & off the board, so the first thing I loved about Tuğba aka @woolgathererr’s video was the pants.  Then I fell in love with the caption

“She woke up every morning with the option of being anyone she wished, how beautiful it was that she always chose herself.”

Turns out Tuğba is a yoga lover, student, and teacher.  She has her own website

If you’re in the Istanbul area you can take a class with her.

I’ve always thought of skateboarding as rolling yoga so I love the grace & style that Tuğba brings to her skating.  She might be a beginner, but she’s already having fun & inspiring others to give skating a try.

More girls skateboard when they see stylish girls from around the world having fun skating.  Where will inspiration come from next?  Hope you share soon!

As for the quote it’s by Tyler Kent White.  He’s a writer & below is the link to his site.



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