Sliding Into the Week with Huong

Huong aka captioned this exquisite photo by @derekblanquer

☀ Sliding into the week like ☀

Huong rides for @millerdivision @remembercollective @luxetruckco & @1triprotective and she’s

always happy to spread the stoke amont girls community ?

More girls skateboard when they see girls having fun skating and get encouragement.

For anyone who wonders can girls skate – look at Huong’s IG.

Oh and is long boarding exercise?

?I think the squat slide is actually my favorite thing to do when i ride, even tho i need to get it steezier ??:@lasessiondudimanche

Longboarding is exercise & Huong has squat style!!!

How are you having fun skating?  Hope you share soon.



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