Sharing Her First Love

@amamred7 is happy to be with her first love.  She captioned this photo

My first love. Thank you sector 9 for making my dream come true.

I love when dreams come true and I love when girls share skateboarding.

To me the best part of skateboarding is the fun.  Seeing others smile when they’re skating is priceless.

Where are you having fun on & off your board and who are you sharing skating with?  When you share your pictures and stores you inspire others to try skating too!


Skate Rising May 2017

Skate Rising returned to the Encinitas Community Park for their monthly event on 5/13/17.

Over 75 girls came out to learn about the importance of having a healthy mind and body from Yoga for Skateboarders & Nekter Encinitas.

As the girls listened to Bridget who founded Yoga for Skateboarders and Shannon the owner of Nekter Encinitas, I couldn’t help but think how rad it was that there’s so many women business owners who support Skate Rising.

How inspiring for the girls to see they can grow up to follow their passions like Bridget & Shannon do into a job.

In addition to hearing about healthy food choices – “fuel for your vehicle (body)” – the girls collected food for the Wounded Warriors Home.

Plus the girls made Mother’s Day cards.  (Mother’s Day was the day after this event.)

Teaching compassion through service and having a fun and safe place to skateboard is what Skate Rising is all about.

Seeing all the girls and their support systems

always brightens my day.

The day literally brightened as the sun just kept shining brighter.

Skate Rising will be back at the Encinitas Community Park on June 10th.  To find out more about Skate Rising, EXPOSURE Skate’s youth program, follow them on IG or contact the organizer, Calli Kelsay at

If you’re in the Phoenix Arizona area you can also check out Skate Rising.  They have an event the 3rd Saturday of each month.

Now that I have a driving permit, I’m that much closer to checking out Phoenix Skate Rising myself!  Please be sure to check out my post on Yoga for Skateboarders so you can find out all about the awesome events they attend throughout Southern California.

Till next time wishing you fun on & off the board.  If you have a skate story to share – your own journey or an event – just let me know.  We all shine brighter when we inspire each other to follow our passions, face our fears, and be our best selves.




Skateboarding for Stress Relief

@cozyycap skateboards for stress relief.  I have to agree it’s one of the best reasons to skate.

It’s fun to skateboard with others, but sometimes it’s just best to skate by yourself.  At least for me it clears my head and takes me away from the stresses of life.

Will the stress still be there when I’m done skating?  Yes, but sometimes it’s not as bad because the break I had skating was enough time to give me new perspective.

When I focus on what’s stressing me it grows and grows and grows until I feel overwhelmed.  Skateboarding can stop the spiral.  How does skateboarding help you?

Thanks for sharing @cozyycap and for the reminder that I need to go to Canada – love your pictures.

She’s Back & She’s Helping Others

Kori is happy to be back skating and I’m happy she shares her videos & pictures.

Above she’s at Rainbow Park in Silverthorne, Colorado and below she’s at Roxborough Park also in Colorado.

Thanks Kori for sharing how beautiful Colorado is to skate.

Kori at Clement Skatepark – you guessed it Colorado!  Check out her IG and her FB to see more of her skating and find out about HardKorFit.  She’s the owner and loves to help others achieve their personal health & fitness goals.

Skateboarding is exercise & girls can turn their passions into jobs!  Thanks for sharing Kori.  Where & how are you following your passions on & off the board?  When you share you inspire others.


Phuong Anh Ta Skating in Germany

@PhuongAnhTa412 above with some new tricks in the mini at Skatehalle Ulm in Germany.

Her advice for girls who are thinking about skateboarding?

Good Giirrrlls

I absolutely agree – don’t overthink it just go skating.  What if you fall?

In skateboarding like life, it’s not if you’ll fall, it’s when.  Falling isn’t failing – failing to get back up is failing.

Above she’s at Skatehalle Pfaffenhofen and you can also check her out at @_skatehoes_ she’s part of a Girls Skate Crew in Munich.

Love to see girls skateboarding around the world & girls working together to share the fun of skateboarding.  Where are you skating and I hope you take the time to share & inspire others.

Thanks for sharing @PhuongAnhTa412!

8th Annual Skate for a Cause

The threat of rain & even rain itself couldn’t put a damper on the fun at the  8th Annual Skate for a Cause hosted by the Sheckler Foundation.

Ryan with numerous other pros like Christian Hosoi above and below in the bowl with Andy MacDonald

were at etnies Skatepark in Lake Forest, California to Skate for a Cause.

Since 2008 Ryan, his family, friends and business associates have been giving back to the community and action sports industry they love through fundraising events like Skate for a Cause.

The Sheckler Foundation’s mission is to

support great causes that directly benefit and enrich the lives of children and injured action sports athletes, inspiring them to “Be the Change”!

During the day there was fun for everyone at the carnival.

Booths had activities like Sombrero Tosses to win prizes.  New this year was the addition of local non-profit booths.  By raising awareness of these non-profits, the Sheckler Foundation introduced opportunities for how we can all participate in Being the Change.

Local non-profits at the event included: Ashley Wade Foundation, Nick’s Picks, SC Skatepark Coalition, TACA, Tilly’s Life Center and Traveling Stories.

There was tons of yummy food and

you had the  opportunity to win signed decks from your favorite skaters.

Plus tons of fun & smiles in the etnies Skatepark.  Before the contests, there was a demo by Adaptive Skate Kollective & WCMX

Thank you Kanya for sharing this video by Uni of you & Jesse.

Above Uni in a photo with RenaKanya by Laura Rose called the day

One of the best days with my girls❤️

Here’s a couple shots from the contests:

BE THE CHANGE Legends Bowl winner Christian Hosoi.

Plan B SkaterCross Contest with Daniel Vargas for the win.

Red Bull Tech Center Contest with David Reyes showing the rain didn’t stop the skating.

Oakley Tranny Best Trick winner Charlie Blair with Ryan & Gretchen.

TILLYS Stairs, Hubbas, Rails Best Trick Contest with Chris Joslin.

Was the weather less than perfect and shocking for Southern California?  Yes, but so what.  You can’t control everything.  What you can control is how you respond to what happens.  Rain or shine we can all choose to have fun, accept & support others, and be our best selves.

Click below to watch a video recap of the entire day.

Thanks Sheckler Foundation for such an incredible day of leading by example & giving others the opportunity to Skate for a Cause!

Be sure to follow Sheckler Foundation on IG and check out tags like #skateforacause to see tons of photos & videos from the day.







Skate Go Round

What makes a Merry-Go-Round merrier & faster?  A skater girl does.

Love this video from @poseliketwiggy!  She’s a busy mom, who always takes the times to share her and her families rolling adventures.

She’s part of the  #moxiskateteam and a member of @roller_girl_gang so she’s always inspiring others to skate.

Thanks @poseliketwiggy for sharing such fun skateboarding & roller skating videos of Kitty.

Wish I was in the UK so I could join their roller skating session.  Since getting my roller skates, I’ve been looking for some fun sessions.

Where are you having fun skateboarding & roller skating?  When you share your adventures others are inspired to try & maybe even join you!


Sharing Skateboarding

I absolutely believe fun is meant to be shared so I love this video from Alma

My #firstborn and my #youngest were #skateboarding today ❤

I’ve been keeping up with Alma’s family adventures since she showed me Ballerinas can skate.

Alma is a mother of four in Sweden where she inspires her children and others to have fun on & off the board.

Plus she’s an artist.  Girls really can do anything they set their minds too.

Where and how are you inspiring others to be their best on & off the skateboard?  When you share your fun, you inspire others to have fun too.

Yoga for Skateboarders at Skate Rising

On May 13th, Skate Rising is returning to the Encinitas Community Skate Plaza.  In addition to skateboarding the girls will learn about health and wellness on and off the board from Nekter Juice & Yoga for Skateboarders.

I caught up with my friend Bridget, who I met through EXPOSURE Skate, to find out the scoop on Yoga for Skateboarders.

Bridget runs the yoga clinics at EXPOSURE Skate and for the 5th anniversary last year she held an EXPOSURE Skate Yoga Challenge. She’s also active with LA Girls Skate Sesh where she held a workshop on April 2nd.

How & when did Yoga for Skateboarders start?

Bridget:  Yoga for Skateboarders happened entirely as a result of my environment.

I grew up in Venice | Santa Monica, and I can’t recall a time in my childhood where I didn’t know what yoga or skateboarding was. They were present in my daily life. It wasn’t until more recently, after I became certified, that the connection happened on a deeper level. I wanted to share that feeling with all of my friends.

I had just received my first yoga certification in 2010, right after the Venice Skatepark opened. I wasn’t confident enough as an instructor to waltz into a yoga studio just yet, so whenever I was at the skatepark with my friends, I would practice teaching them, as a way to hone my skills as a new instructor. Soon i realized skateboarders make the absolute best yoga students! I learned so much just from teaching friends with different kinds of injuries, conditions, etc. Eventually we would gather near the graffiti walls for class then venture to the park to session. It started to become a regular thing and the name “Yoga for Skateboarders” stuck. Now I’ve been teaching yoga for skateboarders for 7 years and it is my favorite thing to do.

Why do you think yoga helps skateboarders?

Bridget:  For me, yoga has a very synergistic relationship with skateboarding. They have been crucial in the way I view life. Yoga has taught me how to be aware of my fears, skateboarding taught me how to face them.

Every skateboarder, athlete or human can benefit from a yoga practice. If you love skateboarding, you’re already halfway there! It has more in common with yoga than you might think. They both are more than a sport, like a form of individual self expression, they require you to be in the present moment, they teach you balance and you can practice both of them on your own or with a group of friends.

If you think of your body like a vehicle, then yoga is the process that keeps your vehicle running well and performing it’s best. Like changing the oil or rotating the tires.

The poses we do in yoga are used to check in with yourself. The pose will tell you a story about your own body; what may feel tight, what may feel sore, etc. Utilizing yoga as a tool in this way allows us to treat our bodies the way we should. Like our own best friends! Namaskate.

Thanks Bridget – can’t wait till Skate Rising on May 13th to see you!

To find out more about Yoga for Skateboarders follow them on IG

and check out their website

To find out more about Skate Rising, EXPOSURE Skate’s youth program, follow them on IG or contact the organizer, Calli Kelsay at   If you’re in the San Diego area, hope to see you next week May 13th for Skate Rising with Yoga for Skateboarders.