Waiting for Summer so She Can Skateboard

Lilly captioned this photo

Waiting for summer

After seeing that photo and another where she survived some “battle wounds”

I asked her if she’d share why she likes skating and why it’s worth the battle wounds.  Her answer was amazing.

I love skatingboarding and longboarding because when I cruise by the lake and feel the wind through my hair it gives me liberation, peace, joy and solace.

My mom who was my best friend, passed away 1 year ago and that’s when I started longboarding. I try new things to heal from the pain and get over the grieving process and I found it through a deck of wood, attached to some metal bearings and 4 rubber wheels.

I’m so glad that Lilly found a source of “liberation, peace, joy, and solace” – a way to heal from a devastating loss.  Skateboarding can be fun for so many reasons and I’m honored when girls share their reasons.  Being able to share these stories always inspires me to keep skating and writing.

thank you Lilly

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