From a Dream to Actually Skateboarding

I love Rosi’s caption on this video.  Everything really does begin in your mind with what you believe.

Two years ago, it was a mere dream for me to one day stand on a longboard and skate around… I told myself I was too old, too fat and too ugly to learn longboarding. I was absolutely terrified of falling and making a fool of myself.

It took me one year to convince myself I could learn something that cool. With a little help from my friends, who actually gave me the board as a gift, I got the necessary push to just try it. And I did probably make a fool of myself. Also I fell a few times. But the feeling of conquering a fear was stronger than any pain and shame I felt.

And now here I am, cruising into Berlin’s sunset. I can skate over cracks and bumps without having a mini heart attack. I became more courageous in life, I take more risks and I love it. The fear of everything still exists, but it gets smaller every time I stand on that board ❤?❤

It’s easy to tell yourself you can’t.  It’s even easier to be negative to yourself when things aren’t going well.  What you tell yourself grows so one reason why you can’t quickly becomes several than hundreds of reasons why you can’t.

Be like Rosi give yourself one reason why.  Then focus on that reason until it’s all you hear in your head.  Let that one reason give you the courage to face your fear, take the chance, and keep going even when you fall.

Whether it’s skateboarding or taking a class, or applying for a job, or whatever – start by believing you can.

Thanks Rosi for sharing and enjoy your adventures on & off the board!

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