Marcela Having Fun Rolling

Marcela shares this video of having fun rolling.  She’s in Lagoa Do Araca – Imbiribeira – where she says #girlsjustwannahavefun

Where are you having fun on & off the board?  Girls supporting girls is stylish all around the world, so hope you share your pictures and stories soon!

International Women’s Day was yesterday – March 8th.  However, for real & lasting change we need to celebrate & encourage all people everyday.



Anna Loves Longboarding

Anna shares this picture and why she loves longboarding.

My dad introduced longboarding to me about 3 and a half years ago. I fell in love with it as soon as I tried it. I thought it was so much fun and I liked the constant challenge it provided for me. At first it was hard for me to ride, but once I could, I wanted to learn to ride faster and faster. Once I was faster I wanted to learn tricks. I still want to learn more on a longboard and I will always have more to learn. I like this because then I will never get tired of it. I love that I get to be outside while I ride. I enjoy being outdoors and going to different parks and places to ride my board. It is a great way to sight see in new places and get exercise. 

     I have gotten a lot of my friends to join me in longboarding which makes it even more fun. I ended up getting a large group of girls together that all skated in the evenings. We would all meet at parks and go for long rides together. It was really cool for all of us to be able to do something together that felt different and adventurous. Most people don’t think girls would go out and longboard so it was fun to show everyone that we could. I think it is important for girls to get out and have fun and do something different. Girls don’t always have to do girly things. They can longboard or do whatever else they want to do. 

     I have gone off to college now so I don’t have that same group that I did during high school. But every time I come back home we longboard together. It is something we all have in common that really brings all of us together. I miss boarding with them, but I still ride around by myself here at college. I hope to find some more girls I can skate with where I am now or to be able to introduce more to longboarding. 

Thank you Anna!  I love how she shares her love of longboarding by getting more girls to try it and that no matter where she goes it’s something she has fun doing.

Will longboarding or any type of skating be easy at first?  Probably not but enjoy the process – it’s an adventure that never has to end.

By the way Anna doesn’t just share longboarding tips she teaches a weight lifting class at her college.

And sometimes she takes her adventures off the ground.

Happy International Women’s Day!  Hope you celebrate today & everyday by cheering on all people to chase their passions & pick adventure.


Sunwoo Skateboarding in the Garage

Love this video of Sunwoo skating with friends in a garage.  She’s so graceful.  Freezing weather kept her away from skating but now she’s back and having fun!

Check out her account to see more of her videos and tell us where your favorite place to skate is.

More girls skate when they see stylish girls skating and how fun it is!

Skateboarding is Fun Exercise

Leticia’s caption for this video is absolute truth

What an awesome morning longboarding with my girls @chazfab1 @linzmc623 no gym…just some good ole fun☺️ maybe a little cardio 3:86mi.

To me skateboarding is sport, art, transportation, exercise, rolling yoga, and builds self-confidence.  It’s definitely a core workout because you have to balance and I think cardio too because of the pushing.

Leticia is in Litchfield Park, Arizona having fun skating with her friends.  Where are you having fun?  More girls skate when they see girls skating and how much fun they’re having.


Skateboarding in a Skirt

Cristina looks super stylish skateboarding in her skirt – click the picture above to watch the video.

She looks stylish whenever she skates.

and in whatever she’s wearing

One of her favorite places to skate is

She’s a Team Rider for Smile Longboards and is grateful to have the opportunity to introduce more girls to the fun of skating.

More girls skate when they see stylish girls skating so I’m very grateful to Cristina and Smile Longboards for showing the world #girlscanskate.

Wherever you are in the world, whatever level you’re at, if you’re having fun skating share your pictures & stories to inspire even more girls to try skating.


This Skatergirl’s Meaning of Life

I love Kristie’s caption for her video

Life was meant for good friends, and great adventures.✌🏻🌎

Yes, it was.  She’s cruising on the Interurban North Trail.

I had to look up what the Interurban North Trail is

The Interurban Trail between Seattle and Everett stitches together a dense residential and commercial patchwork that the original electric railway helped to grow in the early part of the 20th century. The 24-mile trail also goes through the communities of Shoreline, Mountlake Terrace, Edmonds, and Lynnwood. It skirts two regional malls (Alderwood and Everett), a casino, and an abandoned drive-in theater, among other businesses.

to find out more check out Trail Link.

More girls skate when they see girls having fun skating and we all learn our geography as girls from around the world share where they are keeping it stylish on & off the board.

thanks so much Kristie!

Wishing everyone  fabulous adventures on & off the board!

Poseiden Foundation at Transworld Skatepark

This past Saturday – February 25th – the ladies skated at Transworld Skatepark in Carlsbad thanks to an invite from Poseidon Foundation.

Poseiden Foundation, a non-profit lead by Micaela Ramirez, has been opening skatepark doors to the ladies for years.   They’ve had 8 annual Ladies Day events at the Berrics and now in 2017 they have a monthly event the 4th weekend of the month.

The monthly events are usually held at the Berrics in LA but every so often it’s time to mix it up so this month it was at Transworld in Carlsbad.  Like past events the ticket for admission was a donation to help those in need.

The Poseiden/Transworld event collected dental supplies – toothbrushes, dental floss, toothpaste.  I wasn’t able to go but I was lucky enough to catch up with Micaela for this recap.

Congrats, Micaela for organizing another successful Girl Power event!

How many girls came?

Micaela:  About 25 girls came;  it was a fun session with a couple sibling brothers to cheer them on.

How many supplies were you able to collect?  Also who are the kits going to?

Micaela:  We collected 10 dental floss, 10 toothpaste, and 36 toothbrushes. The kits are for our Humanitarian Outreach Program, and this year’s focus will be Cuba.

Many families in Cuba are not able to access what we take for granted on a daily basis.  This project will be a collection each month until Ladies Day at The Berrics, November 11th, 2017. We plan to make over 100 kits that will give a family of 5 the basic hygienic needs we all should have access to.

I heard you had special guests LA Girls Skate Sesh & EXPOSURE Skate, was there a demo or a skate clinic or  ???

Micaela:  The special guests are a way for Poseiden Foundation to highlight other girl organizations that are making a difference in the community. With skateboarding changing and more opportunities opening up for both males and females due to the Olympics, we find it important that we unite and work together, highlighting each others strengths and show how we as “Ladies” can all work together.

We plan on highlighting a new girl organization each month. So, if you have girl organizations in mind that you feel we should share and represent, please email us and let us know. It’s important for us to work together. 🙂

How’d this month end up at Transworld?

Micaela:  Thanks to Chad Foreman and Mike Fitzgerald, they were able to put us in contact with Baily and Keegan who set-up the Ladies Skate Session at Transworld. Thank you guys, for making this event happen for the Ladies!

The “usual” spot is the Berrics but I hear you might have other upcoming surprise locations so what’s the best way to stay informed of the monthly sessions?  

Micaela:  Yes, we will be having some surprise sessions; the best way to stay informed is through our IG PoseidenFoundation


and you can email us at or

If people weren’t able to bring dental supplies there was an option to donate to Poseiden Foundation’s Humanitarian effort.  Last year you built homes in Columbia plus hosted skate events and had a blast with the youth, what’s in store for this year and when are you going?

Micaela:  This year we will be teaming up with Amigo Skate Cuba, we will be visiting 3 cities, and working closely with the communities of Cuba.

We will be giving skate clinics, having Best Trick Skate Contest, and most importantly, bringing supplies to the communities that otherwise not available or extremely expensive if available. These are supplies we as humans should all have access to, and we will be making a difference, not only within the skate community, with in the educational system by providing school supplies, and hygiene.

picture from last year Poseidon Foundation working in Medellin, Columbia

Thanks Micaela for always demonstrating kindness & inspiring others to do the same.  If you attended the event and have additional pictures, videos, stories to share just let me know & tag Poseiden Foundation.  Always room on the blog to share more happy memories.

Below some pictures by Tyler Stewart @ty_lor & yes now I’m extra sorry I missed it they had cake!


Her First Rock & Roll

@monchi_xtreme shares this video of her first Rock & Roll.  Her cheerleader is her dad.

She’s in Chili.

Skating is fun, skating with people who cheer you on just adds more fun.

Love all these shots she shared.  Where are you keeping it stylish on & off the board?  When you share your pictures & stories you’re a cheerleader to another girl to give skateboarding a try!