Lizzi’s Skateboarding Inspiration

Lizzi aka skate.witch shares the video above with this caption

Keepin at it. Still fallin. Gettin back up and makin it happen. Music : “No Regrets” by the Von Bondies from my native town Detroit Michigan.

Took some real spills today but I made this trick happen and I couldn’t be more psyched! Filming by

I wish I was as committed as Lizzi.  She’s an inspiration.

In addition to being a skater, Lizzi is an

Artist, Witch,  & Mischief Maker. Singer for @witch.slap

Yes, when you’re a girl who follows your passions you can get a lot done & inspire many.

If Your Friend Can’t Keep Up – Get Them a Skateboard

Since other people in this household can’t run and keep up with me to save their life, we’ve resorted to this to get me my exercise 😂   –

Yet another reason girls should skateboard.  Skateboarding is sport, art, transportation, exercise, rolling yoga, builds self-confidence, and lets you keep up with adventure dogs.

Cohen & Tammy are having fun at Ocean Beach Dog Beach in San Diego.  Where are you have fun skating?

More girls skate when they see stylish girls having fun skateboarding plus more dogs get their exercise when they have  girls to skate with.

Do it for the dogs!

Skateboard at Any Age

Janie captioned this video

Started remembering my teen years lol

You’re never too young or too old to skate & if skating makes you feel younger it’s just another reason to skate!

Janie’s keeping it stylish on & off the board in Houston, Texas.  Wherever you’re having fun skateboarding, I’d love if you shared your pictures & stories.  More girls do skate when they see girls skating & get encouragement.



Skate Rising at Academy Skate Park 3/11/17

On March 11th, 60+ girls participated in the Skate Rising event at Academy Skate Park in Vista, CA.  This month the service project was collecting gently-used or new books for kids ages 8-18.

Together the girls collected  200 books.  I saw a lot of my favorites from the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series to Twilight Saga in the donation box.

As a dyslexic, reading was a struggle for me.  Having books that kept my interest and made me want to read was key to my not giving up.  Also key was the encouragement I received from others.

Encouragement to me is a true act of kindness.  Encouragement is giving support, confidence, and hope to someone.

Skate Rising events are filled with encouragement.

Whether it’s a girls first time or millionth time, there’s always someone there to encourage her.

The encouragement comes from Neal Mims, his staff, parents, volunteers, and other skaters.

The girls I’ve gotten to know definitely encourage me to keep coming back.

I agree with Maya Angelou

I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.

These girls make skateboarding fun while learning they all have the ability to make the world a kinder place.

If you’re interested in learning more about Skate Rising, EXPOSURE Skate’s youth program, with monthly events in San Diego (2nd Saturday) and Phoenix (3rd Saturday) area, contact the organizer, Calli Kelsay at or just come to the next event they are free to attend!

Next events:

91 West Skatepark 3/18/17

Academy Skatepark 4/8/17

Plus thanks to Nina – the Skate Rising photographer who made each of the girls who attended on Saturday inspirational book marks.


Mel Going on an Adventure with Her Board

If Mel tells you to grab your board and come on an adventure – you should go!

Above she’s in Glenwood a suburb of Sydney.   She’s studying at Hillsong College.  However, if you look at her IG she’s also been spotted in Hong Kong & Austria plus she’s from Switzerland so who knows where she’ll take you on a skateboarding adventure!

More girls skateboard when they see stylish girls skateboarding and it only adds inspiration when they see all the places you can skate.  Thanks Mel & I hope others share their adventures soon!



Sarah Sporty with Super Style

Sarah from Melbourne Australia shares this video by Tiffany.

She surfs, skates, dives, lifts weights, climbs and plays footy!

She absolutely shows us that “strong is the new beautiful” and she inspires me to try new sports.

Forget about Felicia’s Life – it’s Sarah who’s got style & having fun everywhere she goes.

Hope you share your pictures & stories too because more girls skate when they see girls having fun skating plus more girls believe in themselves when they see girls following their passions & succeeding!

Picnic & Mini Sesh with her Niece

Love the picture and the caption from Bad Idea Skate Crew

Teaching the next generation! We had a beautiful picnic and badass mini sesh this weekend at Pearsall Park 🤘💕

When you skateboard for fun, there’s even more fun when you share it with friends & family.

From the looks of things this Bad Idea Skate Crew has a lot of fun

on and off the board!

They are in San Antonia, Texas.  Where are you having fun skateboarding?  More girls – people – skate when they see skating is fun.


Sharing Sisterhood through Skateboarding

Chantal shares her skateboarding with the blog because “empowering other women & girls is a good way to spread fellowship & sisterhood”.

Yes, what she said!  Skateboarding is sport, art, transportation, exercise, and builds self-confidence plus when you share it with others you are inspiring them to try new things.

It’s always better to be the girl who believes she can do & succeed at anything than the girl who’s too afraid to try.  Empowered girls support girls to follow their passions and wish them success at whatever they do on & off the board.

photo by Yahaira




Janina Having Fun & Inspiring Others

Janina shares this video from her fun session at #skatehallewiesbaden.  As for how she feels about seeing more girls skateboarding

It’s so good to see more girls skating!!! It’s always a motivation!

Wherever you are in the world you’re stylish when you take the time to encourage and support others.

Below Janina skating the streets of Frankfurt.

You can also see her skateboarding on @tenskateboardsgirls

More girls really do try skateboarding when they see stylish girls skateboarding and get encouragement.  Hope you share your story like Janina did!

Checking out Leus Towels in Cardiff

The pineapple is recognized as a traditional expression of “welcome” throughout the South and in areas along the Eastern Seaboard. Appearing on all sorts of décor – from door knockers to quilts – the fruit symbolizes those intangible assets we appreciate in a home: warmth, welcome, friendship and hospitality.

I’m on the west coast & I love pineapples.  Pineapples make me smile.  I’ve had them on my phone case – which gave it’s life protecting my phone and now they’re on my new beach towel.

My pineapple towel is by LEUS.  They are new and here to promote good vibes thru a

collection of towels with a diverse array of high definition photo prints, eclectic graphics, and unique jacquard and Turkish wovens

The pineapples on my towel are an example of the high definition photo prints.  The beauty of the pineapples jumps out.  I knew immediately that the pineapple towel was my favorite from the collection.

What’s your favorite?  You can check them out on IG or on-line or better yet come to Cardiff by the Sea & get LEUS at Camp Shred!

Cardiff by the Sea is my home so if you visit be sure to let me know what you loved about it.  Yes, Cardiff is like a pineapple – warm, welcoming & a fabulous place to play with friends new & old.