Tiffany Says Commit to a Skateboard

If Tiffany looks happy, it’s because she is!

It’s easier to enjoy a sport when you get yourself your own equipment. 😍

Skateboarding helps a ton with balance, precision, with air awareness… it gets your senses to be spot-on and it’s also a great way to take my mind off things

I’m happy that Tiffany got a board at Curbside Skate Shop in New Jersey.  Plus I agree with her that skateboarding is all about the balance.  If you don’t have balance when you start skating, you will if you keep skating!

I also love Tiffany’s bio

Don’t let anyone or anything hold you back from reaching your own true happiness. Smile and keep moving forward. 💋

We all have haters.  We can choose to listen to the haters & give up or just know our true self & skate on.

More girls skate when they see girls skating and hear all the reasons skating can be fun – so hope you share your stories soon!

2 thoughts on “Tiffany Says Commit to a Skateboard”

  1. Thank you for this. I made share to my personal and professional pages. I appreciate you reaching out and inspiring girls to get out and skate and not let anything hold them back. You are a true inspiration.

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