Sharing Kindness through Skateboards

In 2013 Cindy created a brand called “Girl is NOT a 4 Letter Word” and came out with a collaboration skateboard with Dwindle Inc. (the largest company in professional skateboarding) by designing a skateboard aimed at the female market. The GN4LW brand gives back to women in action sports with every collab it does.

Who are we talking about?  Cindy Whitehead and this post is about the kindness she shares through skateboards.

Above the Gypsy Queen which benefits EXPOSURE Skate available by clicking above, at skate shops worldwide and at

Below Cindy INAP (It’s Not About Pretty) which also benefits EXPOSURE Skate & is also still available.

Cindy’s giving through skateboards started with the White GN4LW which benefited GRO (Girls Riders Organization) and is now a collectors item.

One of my favorites the Black GN4LW benefitted Poseiden Foundation.

the board is now a collector’s piece & I look a lot older

Also benefitting Poseidon Foundation was the GN4LW Longboard below.

Cindy is not done giving.  The Hermosa will be available March 1, 2017 and will benefit Bridge to Skate; so be on the lookout for that and all the other rad things Cindy has in store for the world.

possible sneak peak of the Hermosa

I have the pleasure of knowing Cindy and that these boards are just one of the many acts of kindness she does daily.  To me the greatest act of kindness she does is encouraging all girls to believe in themselves both on & off the board.

Girls who support (are always kind) to other girls are angels on earth!


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