Refurb Skate – Empowering Girls through Skateboarding

I first found out about @refurbskate when I saw

Getting amped for our second girls camp hosted by @sitetrampoline and supported by @boardertown

I started DM & e-mailing with Cayley from @refurbskate.  The girls camps above are in Queenstown New Zealand and they are

putting together these nights to get girls into skateboarding and spur on a project which will take our coaching program to Nepal as well

I love girls skateboarding everywhere so here’s some information on what they’re doing in New Zealand and their plans for Nepal.

above and below some New Zealand pictures

That view is just incredible.  Below a video from the 2nd girls event.

And a photo from Troy Tanner from @goodbuddynz.

So what’s the connection from New Zealand to Nepal?

The company Make Life Skate Life is building a skate park in Pokhara Nepal and after offering our services as laborers, they have asked us if we could use the park after it is finished to set up our coaching programme there.
We are not only aiming to teach girls to skate whilst we are there but advocate the positive impacts skating has had on our lives and encourage the girls to maintain a long term relationship with the sport. Hopefully working with locals who will continue to share the same message after we leave.

I absolutely love this!  More girls skate when they see girls skating and get encouragement.  That’s good for everyone because skateboarding is sport, art, transportation, exercise and builds self-confidence through teaching life lessons like “falling isn’t failing”.

How rad is it that people are willing to leave their country and go far, far away

to share the benefits & love of skateboarding.

To find out more you can check out

or their FaceBook Page

They are headed out on April 28th so wish them luck & if you can help them out.

Kindness is always in style on & off the board.  I feel so lucky to have found out about this project & now be able to share it –  I hope this story inspires you like it inspires me to keep sharing the love of skateboarding.



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