Tiffany Says Commit to a Skateboard

If Tiffany looks happy, it’s because she is!

It’s easier to enjoy a sport when you get yourself your own equipment. ūüėć

Skateboarding helps a ton with balance, precision, with air awareness… it gets your senses to be spot-on and it’s also a great way to take my mind off things

I’m happy that Tiffany got a board at Curbside Skate Shop in New Jersey.¬† Plus I agree with her that skateboarding is all about the balance.¬† If you don’t have balance when you start skating, you will if you keep skating!

I also love Tiffany’s bio

Don’t let anyone or anything hold you back from reaching your own true happiness. Smile and keep moving forward. ūüíč

We all have haters.  We can choose to listen to the haters & give up or just know our true self & skate on.

More girls skate when they see girls skating and hear all the reasons skating can be fun – so hope you share your stories soon!

All Girls Skate Camp at Nyjah Huston’s Skatepark

I’ve blogged about Shreducate Academy a Costa Mesa skateboarding school several times and had the pleasure to help at one of their All Girl Skate Camps at Volcom Park.
Below – back in August 2015
They have another All Girls Skate Camp that they are hosting with the Pink Helmet Posse coming up on Saturday 2/25/16 so I sat down with founder Joey to find out more.
  • The next¬†All¬†Girl¬†Skate¬†Camp¬†is at Nyjah Huston’s Skatepark.¬† Isn’t that a private park?¬†¬†

Joey: ¬†Yes Nyjah Huston’s Indoor Skatepark is an amazing 10,000 sq foot private facility and we will have full access to the park to allow all the girl to skate around and have a blast and to progress their skills!

  • The¬†camp¬†runs from¬†10am – 1pm¬†what can the¬†girls¬†attending expect?¬† Will they be grouped by level with an instructor?¬† Are absolute beginners welcome too?¬† If so will there be boards for them to try it out or do participants have to bring their own boards and safety gear?¬† Is their a recommended age?

Joey:  All the girls attending the skate camp will be able meet and greet some of the girls from Pink Helmet Posse. They will preform a fun little demo for the girls to show off their fun tricks and get the girls excited to skate too!

We are expecting mostly beginners and some intermediate skaters for the camp. Shreducate Staff will be there to cater to all skill levels and abilities.

Pink Helmet Posse will be on site with all merchandise for sale if anyone need boards, pads, helmets or t-shirts. We are accepting all ages for this skate camp and we really want to get all the girls together pushing each other to have as much fun as possible!

  • I heard space is limited.¬† How many¬†girls¬†can come?¬† Do you still have spaces?¬† What happens if someone wants to “skate¬†in” on the day of?

Yes for this camp we are limiting it to only 30 girls. We are going to keep the instructor/skater ration 5 to 1 so we will be able to group them up in different skill levels.

We currently have 15 spots left and we are asking everyone to email me to save a spot so we keep the ratio manageable. If you would like to reserve your spot please send an email to

Thanks Joey for organizing this event & all you do to inspire girls to skateboard.  More girls skate when they see girls having fun skating and get encouragement.  Hope you share your pictures/videos & stories soon.

Accidents Happen in Skateboarding

Skateboarding is a sport.¬† In any sport accidents can happen.¬† In life accidents can happen.¬† I’m glad to see that Morgan responded to her first skating accident by just getting up and skating some more.

I love her style on & off the board – especially her hair!¬† And I need the “later hater” shirt in my life.

Morgan’s keeping it stylish in South Carolina.¬† Where are you skateboarding?¬† More girls skate when they see stylish girls having fun skating so I hope you share soon!



Is That a Beard?

@isthatfloortjex asks in the caption

What do you guys think of my beard?

Love her sense of humor & her style.  Below a video.

She’s a team rider for Haven Boards in the Netherlands.

Where are you keeping it stylish on & off the board?  More girls around the world skate when they see stylish girls having fun skating and we encourage each other.  Hope you share your pictures, adventures, and inspiration soon!



Lnr Viola Loves Skateboarding & Singing

Lnr Viola shares this skateboarding video.  Love how she keeps it stylish & warm while skating.

In addition to loving skateboarding, she loves soul, funk, reggae and rock. ¬† She’s the owner of LNRmusicmanagement Festival & a singing teacher. ¬†She definitely inspires girls to follow their passions and stay true to their style.

above¬†she’s in Exeter, Devon

More girls skateboard when they see stylish girls skateboarding.  And I love when they also share their other talents.  #girlscanskate and do so much more!

Where & how are you keeping it stylish on & off the board?  Hope you share soon.

Skate Rising Phoenix is Monthly

SKATE RISING IS HAVING MONTHLY EVENTS IN PHOENIX, AZ at 91 West Skatepark! The events will be every third Saturday of the month from 10am-12pm
Help them¬†spread the word! ¬†All girls are welcome & it’s FREE!
Check out this awesome video about Skate Rising created by Austin Urlocker after our very successful Phoenix event!

The January Skate Rising Phoenix event had 27 girls show up and made 50 backpacks full of school supplies for an after school skate program for underprivileged youth called Skate After School.  Every girl at the event committed to stand up to bullying by signing anti-bullying contracts!

 Above pictures from Skate Rising Phoenix IG & below a video by Timothy Ward of Skate After School

Thanks for sharing this awesome update Calli. ¬†Calli Kelsey is the organizer & “force” behind ¬†Skate Rising¬†– EXPOSURE Skate’s youth program for girls – she can be reached at¬†if you have any questions or want to volunteer.
The original Skate Rising in San Diego area is the 2nd Saturday of the month – below details for February 2017 event.


If you’re in San Diego area, I hope to see you 2/11 at Academy Skate Park.

More girls skateboard when they see stylish girls skating & get encouragement so share your stories too!

So Many Reasons Girls Should Skateboard

The reason for this blog is that more girls skateboard¬†when they¬†see girls skateboarding and find out why they skate. ¬†There’s so many reasons to skateboard including transportation or

as @frejakilogram shows us in this video transportation for your petrol!

Moving petrol has never been so much fun, so stylish, and it was faster than just carrying it!

Where are you skateboarding and having fun?  Take the time to share because your pictures and stories are inspiration to someone else.