Gang of Girls Spreading Kindness

The Big Blend Theory shares this fun video.  It’s so fun it inspires you to want to skate with your girls.  It’s captioned:

Pascal’s new gang of girlfriends. I’m loving how supportive they are of one another. The meaning of rad, right here. ✌🏼They even got me to skate down two ramps. 😋Only after watching Pascal of course.

I had to post this during Random Acts of Kindness Week because girls encouraging girls needs to happen more.

The Big Blend Theory is in Portland, Oregon – where’s your “girl gang”?

When you share your pictures/videos and stories of girls encouraging each other, which is the essence of kindness, it inspires more girls to do the same.

I also love that this post shows skateboarding and girls have no age limits.   At nearly 40 she’s buying her first skateboard to skate with the other girls!  Yes, more girls skateboard when they see girls having fun skateboarding!!!

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