Skatingfashionista on 2016

2016 had so many ups and downs.  Let’s focus on the ups.

Being interviewed by Girl is Not a 4 Letter Word was a rad surprise.  Cindy Whitehead the founder is an inspiration on & off the board.  When she’s not skateboarding she’s a stylist – dream job.

You can read the entire article by clicking above.  Answering the questions gave me a chance to share about some of the people I’m most thankful for and who make every year special.

Above I’m with Don Brown – my spirit animal – always inspiring me to   follow my passion.  If he can close down the 405 to skate, I can  get more girls skateboarding for fun & everyone keeping it stylish on & off the board.

Also in the the picture Eric, from Active Ride Shop, he & Morgan (not pictured) have let me blog, take over their SnapChat, and just continually help me show girls that girls can skate & be stylish.  And of course Courtney, she’s been my counselor at Woodward and her attitude & actions define “can do”.

Above a photo I love from 2016 by Neal Mims.  He’s taught me so much on & off the board.  He’s even responsible for the word “skatingfashionista”!

Above I’m with girls at Skate Rising.  I’m always thankful to be able to blog about their events because their mission is aligned with mine to include everyone and skate for fun.  I’m also thankful to EXPOSURE Skate which Skate Rising is a part, Poseidon Foundation, and Paul Mitchell because they were the first to trust me with a press pass back in 2015.

In 2016 I had press passes for KAABOO above and Agenda below. More people & organizations believing girls can skate for fun while keeping it stylish on & off the board is a very rad thing!

I also had press passes to Away Days and then the San Diego part of the tour.

I had the best press pass in San Diego when I got to cover Clash at Claremont 10.  Yes, there’s racing in skateboarding, there will be a Skatingfashionista video in 2017, and we all saw Santa skates.  Thank you Charlie, Chris, Andy, Mike & Scott for your trust and patience.

Plus I had press passes to the most amazing girls in the world.  Girls who skateboard for fun and use their skateboarding to improve the world.

Cecely, who’s helping build a skatepark in New Mexico, is just one of the amazing girls I had the honor of blogging about this year.

Yes there were low points in 2016, but what you focus on grows so the blog remains committed to sharing the stories of all the girls, all around the world, on whatever board they want, sharing the message that girls can have fun skateboarding while keeping it stylish on & off the board.

xoxo skatingfashionista

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