Skateboarding at Christmas Time

Alicia shares this picture of what skateboarding in Texas around Christmas time can look like

it’s of her daughter Brenna on her new jelly board.  Skating is just one of the sports Brenna has fun at .  She also loves surfing,  gymnastics, and volleyball.

Alicia says there aren’t a lot of skaters – boy or girl – in their town.  I think that will change because:  more people skate when they see how fun it can be.

Thanks for sharing Alicia & Brenna.  I love how Brenna keeps it stylish on & off the board.

Sporty girls who share are the most stylish of all!  Please share your stories of how skateboarding is fun and why it’s good for girls to skate.  To me skateboarding is sport, art, transportation, exercise and builds self-confidence – so lets get more girls skating for fun.

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