Oh Christmas Tree

Tis the season of Christmas trees.  I love Christmas trees as much as anyone else.  The bright lights and ornaments are beautiful, but after Christmas the trees are gone.

Trees that are planted are beautiful all year and for years to come.  So, to me a planted tree is a stylish tree.  One of my favorite programs is etnies Buy a Shoe, Plant a Tree.

As the program says

It begins with one.  It starts with you.  One seedling, one tree, expanding to a forest.

Since 2011, etnies has planted over a million trees on three continents.  I checked in with Michael from etnies to find out how easy planting a tree can be.

If you want to plant a tree, without all the work, what shoes do you have to buy?

Purchase any shoe from the etnies Buy a Shoe, Plant a Tree collection and we’ll plant the tree.

This collection is Jameson bloodline based and includes the likes of: The Jameson 2 Eco, Jameson Vulc, Jameson SC, Jameson MT, Jameson E-Lite, Jamseon SL and  original Jameson of course.

just 3 of the many choices click on the picture to take you to the full site

Why are these shoes special?

etnies’ Buy a Shoe, Plant a Tree project is one step closer towards a greener future. These shoes are special because you get a fresh pair of shoes that are built by skateboarding and they also ensure that your conscious actions are a commitment towards environmental responsibility. Each shoe represents an individual’s contribution to the planet.

Do I have to buy the shoes on-line for the tree to be planted?  If I can buy them anywhere how do I find my closest store?

Any purchase from the etnies Buy a Shoe, Plant a Tree collection will be accounted for in the planting process. To find the nearest etnies shop near you, visit: http://etnies.com/us/shops/

What about the latest collaborations etnies has going on?  Like the
#etniesXbones if I get shoes from those collections will a tree be planted?

etnies recently collaborated with Bones to drop a collection paying tribute to the brands’ humble beginnings. The Jameson SL in the etnies X Bones collaboration is included in the etnies Buy a Shoe, Plant a Tree program.

shoes from the #etniesXbones collection in the Buy a Shoe, Plant a Tree Program – the collection also includes several tees, a zip, hat & socks

This season instead of signing Oh Christmas Tree consider signing Oh etnies Tree ­you’ll be getting your holiday shopping done and helping create a forest ­ very merry indeed!

By the way time is running out on getting your etniesXelement Julian Davidson Jameson Bomber jacket.  Yes, my favorite jacket of the entire year for on & off the board style.

Element Rhodes Scholars

Element was involved in the grand opening of the renovated Rhodes Skate Park in Boise Idaho on August 6th.


Plus they made a commitment to stay in Boise with the opening of 304 Americana and the Element Rhodes Scholar program.  To find out more about the program I asked Element Founder, Johnny Schillereff.

What’s the Element Rhodes Scholar Program?

The Element Rhodes Scholar Program just came about organically.  We wanted to be part of the skateboard scene and community so we started the shop/space in Boise, Idaho.  We started clicking with some of the younger kids and decided to keep working with them.

It’s important that younger kids have positive role models.  We are the role models for these kids and they’ll be the role models for the next generation.

It’s a crew.  A crew of local kids that are part of the community and skate scene.  They visit every day and are fully committed to that scene and skateboarding.

What’s expected of the Element Rhodes Scholars?

When the program became real, and people could refer to themselves as the Rhodes Scholars, I was like “hey there are going to be some rules”.

They need to be positive part of the community.  They do things like push each other to be positive, clean up the skate park, and help clean up the shop.  It’s like a “big brother” program that rips.

The original guys were all locals who rip.  They are good enough to be sponsored, young flow skaters for brands.  Then as the program grew, other kids – artists, photographers and filmers joined the scholars.  So now there’s multiple versions of scholars.  They’ve built their own self-sufficient skate crew.

Who can apply to be a Rhodes Scholar, what’s the application process, and how long is the program? 

It’s not formal.  It’s definitely organic; it’s how we recruit team riders and how riders turn pro for Element.  I’m a fan of things happening through chemistry.

It’s about them being at the park and shop a lot with a positive attitude & wanting to be better.  So it’s nothing you can apply for and it’s nothing that expires.

Some of the Original Rhodes Scholars

Each picture will take you to a video and the link to the scholars IG is below the caption.


Field Notes, day 004: Element’s of style with Rhode Scholar @_a.drake, smooth like butter. He shreds every day and one of the mindsets kids I know, keep shredding Aidan.

Aidan’s IG


Field Notes: Day 002 – Prestige’s very own Jacob Glenn (@shredder_glenn) killing it and always being a respectful Rhodes ‘Scholar. He’s been helping with 304 Americana Element and shredding the park on a daily.

Jacob’s IG 


Prestige’s team-rider and Rhode ‘Scholar Ibrahim (@_ibrahimkanneh). Props to the shops who invest in the future and support the local scene through thick and thin.

Ibrahim’s IG


Elliot (@elliotsaxton) 13 – The future is now.

Elliot’s IG

What I like about this post, is that Element didn’t just give a bunch of product and wish the community well.  They are committed to the scholars & entire community.

Commitment to doing what’s right is stylish on & off the board.



Andrea Inspired by EXPOSURE Skate to Try Skateboarding

When you participate in an event like EXPOSURE Skate, it’s your hope that others will see the girls skateboarding and give it a try.

After I read the caption for the video above from SD Skate Life, I asked Andrea if she’d like to have a post.

Well this was rad! Andrea picked up a skateboard for the first time last week. Today was her first lesson, and by the end of the hour, she tackled this solo drop in on the four ft. quarterpipe at PQ 🙌🏽 |This is a solid reminder that its never too late to pick up a new skill ✌🏽 – Andrew, founder SD Skate Life

Her response was immediate:

Skating has truly been one of the coolest experiences of my life.  The skating community is so encouraging and welcoming.  I’ve met so many amazing, inspiring women just in this last month.  If I could help in anyway to spread the stoke and encourage other ladies to get out and skate, I’m down!

So I sent her some questions and learned what inspired her to try skateboarding.

I started skating shortly after Exposure this year.  I was so inspired by all of the ladies, from 5 to 40, all just so amazing.

I met one chic in particular named Stephanie, she was the one who really inspire me on a deeper level.  She shared her story with me and I just couldn’t wait to get a board and meet up  with her and some other ladies that started skating in the last couple years.

I’m 31 and really was always kind of intimidated by skateboarding.  But after seeing the fire in these ladies eyes and the excitement in their voices when they spoke about skating, I knew I wanted to feel that.  

I don’t really have a “home park” but Prince skatepark was where I first attempted.  Took a lesson at RP skate park and was stoked on that park.

As to why she thinks skateboarding is good for girls:

I think it’s good for girls to do anything they want to do. If you want to skate, don’t let anything stop you from trying!!!  You have nothing to lose.  Girls supporting girls in any activities in life I think is so important and should be done more often!

Thank you Andrea for sharing.

As for that inspiring chick named Stephanie – I’m happy to have her as an IG friend and to have written about her several times.  You may know her as Little Surfer Girl.

Another very inspiring skater girl that Andrea has been skating with is Kendra, she’s constantly working at spreading the love of skateboarding – she event started We Skate Together.

Never underestimate the power of encouragement.  The one kind thing you do or say can give someone the courage to try and succeed.  Then their story and actions can inspire even more people.

The world is more stylish when we encourage each other on & off the board so please keep sharing your stories.

Christa Skateboards as Physical Therapy


Christa aka rutsikc shared the collage above with this caption

When you have a rough day and your baby finally chills out for 20 minutes, playing peek-a-boo in his wagon while hiding under an FSU flag, and you get some “physical therapy” to work out your rough day. Yeah, that. I need my lil bro Cory Newton to teach me to finally land a kick flip. I’m soooo close, but have yet to land it. That’s my goal for 2017. Or maybe my goal BY 2017.

I’m confident Christa will land her kick flip!  I absolutely love how she works skateboarding into her day.  More girls skate when they see girls skateboarding and find out they can skateboard on their terms.

Looks like someone might be asking for his own skateboard this Christmas; it looks like he’s leaving the wagon behind!

Thanks for sharing Christa & I look forward to seeing pictures of you skating with your son.


The Art of Skateboarding & Spending the Holidays with Friends

Skateboarding and skate photography are art.  On December 15th I had the opportunity to attend the J Grant Brittain “Archive” photography show at UNIV.

The show featured many of Grant’s iconic skate images from the 1980’s.  Plus there was music by Chris Cote and a collection for skateboard donations to benefit Rollin’ From The Heart.

I attended with my dad Steve.  He was my date and photographer.

My fav of the bunch – Steve

Above my dad’s favorite from the show and below an outside shot.

The show was presented by @slvdr_brandstreet wear born in California & influenced by the world with support from @rollinfromthehearta SD non-profit striving to improve the lives of underprivileged youth through skateboarding, surfing & outdoor activities, @chromedigitalprofessional photo & art printing, @culturebrewingcobrewing & tasting in Solana Beach & Ocean Beach, and @transworldskate

To see more of Grant’s art – check him out on IG, his Etsy Store or his website.  There really is so much more to see.

And anytime you’re in downtown Encinitas, take the time to check out UNIV.   They are so much more than just a “men’s” fashion store, they are

full of inspiration; part collectors’ garage and part museum, where you can come hang out

they have a workshop – where inspiration becomes reality!

Yes – I love that dog!

Above I’m with Chris at UNIV, who’s not my dad.  He’s my boss at SkaterCross and if you want to see more of us or more importantly skate SkaterCross be at Clairemont YMCA this Sunday 12/18 for

You can shop 365 days a year, but there’s only so many days you can celebrate the holidays with friends.  So keep it stylish on & off the board by spending time with your friends & let them know you’re grateful for them – yes even if they don’t get you a gift.






Girls Sharing Skateboarding in Venezuela


The picture above is from patinetaparato aka Patineta Pa’Rato. In addition to IG they have a FB page.


Their main objective is to support, promote, and encourage girls skateboarding in Venezuela.  Below a video from their IG.


It’s super stylish when girls follow their passions and encourage each other, so I hope you check these skater girls in Venezuela out.


nohemisaramedina sharing skateboarding




Skatingfashionista Says Good Jeans Matter – Articles of Society

Never underestimate the power of a good pair of jeans.  In a good pair of jeans, the worst day is not that bad.  Plus I believe your odds of having a good day increase when you’re jeans are on point.


To me a good pair of jeans must look stylish and be comfortable.  Articles of Society or AOS for short, an LA based denim brand, delivers.

I’ve been wearing them for years.  My favorite is one of the originals the Mya Skinny.  If I’m in my Mya’s I can face my fears


yes – I’m afraid of horses, they could bite.

I can travel for hours on end and still feel stylish.


Above from Belgium to San Diego in my AOS.   I can do a little “yoga” in my AOS.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

or “a lot” of yoga

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Can your jeans bend with you?


My AOS go everywhere I go.


And Yes, the Mya Skinny comes in Olive Green – which if you’ve been following the blog – you know it’s my color pick of the season.


So, where to get yours – direct from the site, Nordstrom, or other find stores that believe your jeans should be killer stylish and the price of your jeans shouldn’t scare you.  Click below to find a store near you.


Till next time keep it stylish on & off the board.




Crystal Skateboarding for the Feelings


@imagemaven took this shot of @hustlegrindskate aka Crystal.

I had the chance to ask Crystal why she started skateboarding in her 30s.

The story is really simple. Up until the last week of July 2016, I had never stepped on a skateboard before. Not once. But when I did, it felt like love.

After reorganizing our garage, I came across a high-rise longboard and skateboard which had gathered dust the last 5 years. I wanted to get my kiddo active and off the devices so we took the boards out to the cul de sac to have a push around. I was hooked.

I’m in it for the feelings. When I skate, I feel scared the entire time – like adrenaline! But it’s also punctuated with huge bursts of joy and I can’t let go of that. I can’t get enough. I haven’t quite landed my drop-in but this week is the week. Today might even be the day. Wish me luck!

Thanks Crystal for sharing why you started and keep skateboarding.  I wish you luck & success at everything you do.  Your positivity inspires me.


I also love how you built a quarter pipe at your office – “girls of action” are stylish on & off the board!


In addition to being a skateboarder and mom, Crystal is VP Full Blast Creative, Founder of Social Bulls in Canada.


Hey Jordan, I’d like to up date your piece. Crystal is now dropping in on her own, and on her own ramp. I was her hand holder 🙂 Cheers, Marlene

I absolutely love when updates are good news!  Congrats to Crystal and I hope she inspires many others to chase their passions, whether it’s on a skateboard or whatever.  Plus I hope Marlene aka @imagemaven reminds us all to share our talents.  Whatever skill we have it grows when we share it with others.

Happy Holidays!

Paul Mitchell Holiday Style – Toys for Tresses

I’m super excited to share what the Paul Mitchell School in San Diego is up to this holiday season.  They are spreading the joy of good hair while collecting toys for Toys for Tots.

screen-shot-2016-12-13-at-7-01-09-pmA long time supporter of Toys for Tots, they wanted to increase donations, so they came up with Toys for Tresses.  I had the chance to catch up with Pamela, Social Media Specialist at the School and this is what she had to share.

Any toy and you’ll receive a complimentary Paul Mitchell salon service?

Yes! For every new, unwrapped toy that you donate, you will receive one voucher for a haircut or blow out service. It’s fabulous and it’s charitable, so it’s double fabulous!

When do the toys have to be in?

Our last day of the Toys for Tresses drive will be December 16th! So if you’re going to be double fabulous, the time is now!

When are the certificates good?

The vouchers are valid from now until January 31st! So there’s lots of opportunity to use it.

How’s the collection going?

It’s been very exciting to see how charitable our guests have been! But there’s still room in the box and we’d love to welcome you!


If you’re not familiar with the Paul Mitchell School in San Diego, it’s huge.  It’s located downtown at 401 A Street in what used to be a bank.

Students learn in the classroom and through experience.  That’s why there’s a salon open to the public.  The list of guest services is extensive and the pricing is fabulous.  You can click below to go direct to their site.


Don’t worry about your stylist being a student.  They have all completed their CORE in the classroom before passing to the salon floor.  Plus they are supervised by a licensed instructor.

screen-shot-2016-12-13-at-7-36-26-pmI’m a total believer in the school both because of seeing & experiencing.  Above is a picture after a Blow Out I had, which you could get for a toy donation!

I highly recommend you check the Paul Mitchel School in San Diego out – you’ll feel good because you’ll look good, you’ll have saved money, and you’ll have helped someone on their journey to becoming a professional.

If you miss the Toys for Tresses program just keep on the lookout for other activities at the school by following them on IG.  Paul Mitchell is committed to giving

Giving back has always been our style! Whether that means taking steps toward sustainability, helping families in need or supporting under-served kids, Paul Mitchell® believes in doing good for people, animals and our planet, and we know our fans do too. Join our global family on social media and share why you think it’s important to give back or how you’re making a difference with #GivingIsMyStyle.










Candy’s Invitation to 2017 Women’s Longboarding Championship

When I saw my IG friend Candy was extending an invitation to join her as she chases the 2017 Women’s Championship – I had to find out more.


click picture above to see Candy’s video on why Candy wants to compete & what others are saying

First a little about Candy:

Candy’s a competitive downhill skateboarder from Denver, CO.  She’s been an extreme sports addict her entire life.  Her mother was one of the first female snowboarders; she taught Candy how to snowboard at a young age.


Candy’s only been skateboarding for four years.  Above she’s charging with “the boys”.  In 2016, her first year in the downhill skateboard circuit , she placed 2nd overall in the Women’s category and 33rd overall in the Open category.

She spends her days spreading female stoke through any platform available to her.  For example, she started the “Rad Girls Krew” in Colorado to bring longboarding to women by making it more accessible through group skates and instruction.



“Rad Girls Krew” started with four girls in August and now has upwards of 20 girls charging hills, safely.  Candy teaches them basics first in an encouraging environment rather than “go down the hill and pray”.

Here’s what Candy had to share about what the 2017 Women’s Championship is, where it takes place, and why she’s doing a campaign to get to it:

Racing for the downhill skateboarding world championship means participating in the International Downhill Federation (IDF) race circuit. (internationaldownhillfederation.com for more info).

In order to be competitively ranked at a world level, I need to attend 7 races on at least two different continents. The 2017 race circuit includes races in NZ, Australia, China, Philippines, South Korea, Czech Republic, Brazil, US (Vermont), and many more. 

Entering the championship is expensive.  First there’s the entrance fee of about $250/race and then there’s the travel expenses to the race and living expenses while at the race.  Most riders, especially the women, pay for all of this out of pocket because they do not have a sponsor to cover the costs.
The expense and travel time are so huge that being competitive becomes largely dependent on funding.  I work any job where I can still make the races, however, that limits my options and salary.  I freelance write, clean houses, walk dogs, work a food truck, work as a hostess/buser, but I still need this campaign in order to race in the Open Bracket which is 7 races throughout the 2017 season. 


How many enter?

72 women raced in 2016 and 760 men

You’re working with @darhorsepros – is that like a Go Fund Me?

Darkhorse Pros is best described as Kickstarter for athletes. I’m not asking for people to give me money.  I’m asking people to purchase items or experiences for themselves while simultaneously supporting me as an athlete and becoming more involved with my journey.


This is a time sensitive project so if you can help make your contribution by January 4th 2017.  Not to put pressure on you but, this is an all-or-nothing campaign, meaning that Candy must reach her $8,000 goal by January 4, 2017 in order to receive funding to race for the 2017 World Championship.

It is the holiday season, so if your funds are stretched consider a two-for-one.  If you contribute to the campaign you can have your reward sent to someone else as a gift.  Would I like if someone supported women empowerment in my name for the holidays?  I’d think it was super stylish.

Why do I think it’s important to support Candy?  More girls skateboard when they see girls skateboarding.  I don’t think every girl who skates is going down the mountain or headed to a competition, but I do think that every girl that skates can get her own rewards.  Skateboarding to me is sport, art, transportation, rolling yoga, and builds self-confidence so it makes sense to have more girls skateboarding.

As girls we get so many messages.  My message is that you can be more than one thing.  You can be sporty, stylish, smart, funny and anything else.  But first you have to have the confidence to believe you can be.  Skateboarding has given me that confidence and it’s surely given Candy some confidence so let’s keep sharing the image of empowered girls chasing and achieving their passions.

If you can’t contribute to the campaign there are still other ways to support Candy.  You can support her sponsors:

Seismic Skate, BOARDLife skate shop, Blecha Boards, Ridersfly, Shred Rebels, Lost Girls Tribe, and SkatetoFight


above Candy with friends at Board Life Skate Shop
SkatetoFight is her newest sponsor. They’re an organization that pushes skateboarding to combat things such as depression and healing from sexual assault.  That has special meaning to Candy because she’s a sexual assault survivor
skateboarding has been both my coping and healing method throughout my journey from “victim” to “survivor.”  I now use skateboarding as a platform to empower other women, like it has for me. 

And yes – positive thoughts do make a difference, so follow her on IG and let her know you believe she can do this!