Skateboard for that Feeling of Freedom


yogi_wondersoul aka Irene shares this photo from Italy

Currently she’s in Guatemala missing her board.  In addition to skating she enjoys yoga.  She thinks skating and yoga complement each other

because they’re so different but at the same time they have something in common which is balance. Skating and practicing yoga provide the practitioner different experience for instance, while skating makes you feel the adrenaline running through your veins yoga is more about stillness and awareness. But they complement each other because of their diversity and allow people to be both still like a yogi and free like a skater

I absolutely agree, it’s all about the balance.  Take time to do the things in life that give you balance.  For me it’s skating, yoga, and writing.  What keeps you balanced and does skateboarding make you feel free?

More girls skateboard when they see girls skating so take the time to share why skateboarding is good for you.

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