Skate Rising November 12th #NeverTooPretty

The November Skate Rising event welcomed Cary Williams, Olympic level certified boxing coach, former competitive boxer, cover model, speaker, owner of Stables Boxing Club and founder of Too Pretty.  Cary’s message was simple and powerful:

Girls and women of all ages should be encouraged to feel confident, powerful, beautiful and intelligent, no matter what their passions are in life.


Cary shared her story of becoming an athlete and entrepreneur without sacrificing her femininity.  She also shared that fear is natural and it’s up to each of us to take the chance and try something new and give it a chance.

Most people aren’t immediately good at whatever they try,  success is found by not giving up.  If you’re passionate about something, it’s worth working for.

Each of the girls had the opportunity to make a sign of what they are #NeverTooPretty to do/be.  With over 50 girls participating, we ran out of table space.


That didn’t stop the girls.  Each made a sign and then had their picture taken – a photo directory of all the signs is coming soon.

Below the group shot as seen on the Too Pretty IG


When I originally did the #NeverTooPretty challenge, I wrote WRITE.  I’m dyslexic so learning to read and write were a challenge.

Until recently, I was hesitant to talk about my dyslexia because of all the teasing and bad memories.  Being in a group of strong girls like this gives me the courage to share that the struggle to write was real but my passion to write was stronger.

Cary was a strong force in my being able to say I’m dyslexic, while not being ashamed or fearing what others think.  I thank her for that and for constantly taking the time to encourage girls to believe in themselves and achieve their passions.


After the signs it was time to skate.  I love that Skate Rising gives girls a chance to skate with other girls plus I love all the people who come to help girls learn.


Above Neal Mims from Academy, a pro who’s taught me a thing or two both on and off the board.  Below Mike, also from Academy Skate Park and Bryan from SkateXS.


Plus a huge shout out to the parents who help and the vendors like Phive Bar –  their support makes events like Skate Rising happen.  Skate Rising is run by parent volunteer Calli and welcomes all parents and organizations who’d like to be involved in

lifting up the next generation of girls through learning, serving, and skating


Till next time keep it stylish on & off the board.

To find out why I’m wearing the “fancy” dress be following the blog for the series on the travels of my homecoming dress including it’s eventual donation so another girl can enjoy it for prom.











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