Alyssa Now Riding for Lost Girls Tribe


I liked the picture so I read the caption

So proud to say I now ride for @lostgirlstribe I can tell you from every perspective they are full of stoke. Thank you Natalie and Candy for this opportunity!!

From there I reached out to Alyssa to find out more.

SF:  How long you’ve been skating?

Alyssa:  I’ve been skating since I was 12, I’m 17 now. But I only started longboarding 2 years ago, I started out bowl skating.


SF:  How did you start?

Alyssa:  My best friend had a skateboard, we decided together that we wanted to learn. We went to a church basketball court and practiced turning and pumping until we felt comfortable commuting everywhere. I learned to slide on my longboard through free classes at my local boardshop, which I now work at.

SF:  Where do you skate?

Alyssa:  I skate all around my home state, Colorado. Like this weekend I drove almost 2 hours to hit some mountain spots!


SF:  Why do you think it’s good for girls to skate?

Alyssa:  I think it’s important for girls to skate because, at least personally, it really got me to come out of my shell. Before skating I was an awkward kid with nothing to do after school, and no real community. After skating I was forced into a new world, got to meet new people from all different backgrounds, and pushed to face the things that I fear.


SF:  Why are you proud to be a part of the Lost Girls Tribe?

Alyssa:  I’m proud to be a part of lost girls tribe for many reasons. Their mission, to empower girls, is obviously very personal for me. The owner is also amazingly nice. When filming our edit she insisted it was about showing progression to anybody watching. It’s not about being the best out there and being amazing- it’s about showing girls what’s possible and being inviting. The whole company from top to bottom is wholesome.

Something else I’d like to add is a lot of girls don’t try skating because they think it’s for boys or think they suck. I sucked when I started. It’s not about where you are when you begin- it’s about pushing yourself to learn. Girls and boys can skate together, and it’s a really fun sport and community. There’s always something to do next. So go out and skate!!


Thanks Alyssa and thanks for letting me know about Lost Girls Tribe.  I hadn’t blogged about them before and they are definitely a group I want to lift up in the blog.

To find out more about Lost Girl Tribe check out their IG and webpage.  Below some information from their About Page.

Natalie Oaks, Georgia Danielson, and Gina Anderson-Queen, began their quest for fun and shred after meeting through the room mates section of Craigslist. None of us had lived in a little mountain town before, and we were all ready for adventure. It just so happened that we became close friends and decided we should reach out to other ladies in the community.

Since then, we’ve grown into a movement! We would like to inspire ladies and gents everywhere to focus on the journey rather than the end.


I totally agree enjoying the journey and taking time to make & keep new friends is stylish on & off the board.





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