All Good Deeds Make the World Better

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Love that GRO – Girl Riders Organization took the time to share this rad event.   The more people who know about something – the more people who can do something & all good deeds, no matter how small – make the world a better place.  Kindness breeds kindness.

It’s easy to take going back to school for granted – there’s new clothes – new backpacks – and of course school supplies.  For many that’s not the case – getting back to school & being ready for school is a struggle.

I had the pleasure to help Skater Rising build backpacks for 20 in need on August 13th in Encinitas and I’m thrilled that more people are doing the same all over.  Hope many make it out to the House of Vans in Brooklyn on August 18th and even more check out Operation Backpack.

Thanks again GRO – love to hear how people are keeping it stylish on & off the board – hope more share their stories soon!


One thought on “All Good Deeds Make the World Better”

  1. Thanks for supporting children in need! Puts a smile on my face every time I learn of a new group or individual spreading the word about our Operation Backpack! Thanks to folks like you, we expect to give all (approximately) 19,000 NYC kids living in the city’s homeless and dv shelters, new backpacks full of supplies, same as their classmates! These backpacks allow the children to walk into school proud and ready to learn.

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