Go Skateboarding Day in Indiana

Go Skateboarding Day can be any day – but on the assigned calendar day of June 21st – Megan shows us how she celebrated in Indiana

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Megan has been skateboarding since she was 12.  It was always hard for me because in my town I was the only girl around really trying.  It took a long time for me to say “Fuck what other dudes think I’m here to skate” and that’s what I say to any girl wanting to learn.  Doesn’t matter how old you are of if you’re a girl, skateboarding is for everyone and fuck anyone who thinks different.  Do it for fun. – Megan

I agree with Megan 110%.  I skateboard for fun –  let go of what others think of you, yes even if they share it with you.  And I know that’s hard because no one likes to be bullied.

But if you quit skateboarding or quit anything else because of what others think & say – you’re not living your life.  Define yourself!

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I’m leaving on vacation so depending on my internet the posts may or may not be daily.  Keep sharing your pictures & stories because more girls skateboard when they see stylish girls skating & get encouragement.


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