Grant Park – Chicago

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Ariana Spencer shares this video from Grant Park in Chicago Illinois.

She’s been skateboarding for 6 year and loves it because it’s fun, I get to hang with my homies, it relieves stress and makes me feel better about myself.  With skateboarding I relax and get away from my problems, no matter how terrible I am.  It keep me moving and motivated in life to keep having a good day!

Thank you Ariana for sharing and thank you Cairo Foster – she found out about the project from your IG.

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More girls skate when they see girls skate and get encouragement – so amazed at the positive response I’m getting on this project.

Thank you to everyone for sharing this will be an amazing collage of #girlscanskate USA.

Roll for Rob Skate Camp is Open in Rhode Island

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The latest collage #girlscanskate everywhere in the US is probably the most intense one.  When I did the collages of girls skateboarding around the world and girls skating in Canada – it was open.

However many girls from wherever.  This time it’s 50 some girls – 1 from each state.  There will be more than 50 because I have a girl skating in District of Columbia which is our countries capital and I’m hoping to get a picture from Puerto Rico and as geography is not my strength there’s probably other US territories.

Day one I received this picture from Rhode Island from amyliterock105.  Right off I’m happy because Rhode Island was a state I didn’t have.  Then I found out more about this picture.  What’s @rollforrob Skate Camp?

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There isn’t a camp – the picture is Rob & his daughters.  But, Roll for Rob is very real.  I want to share what Roll for Rob is because I’m constantly impressed by how generous skateboarders are and how you’re a skateboarder for life not just when you’re riding your board.

Rob Pontes is a loving husband and father of two young daughters, Avery and Oliva. On any given day he could be found skateboarding with his friends or putting on events for work. Other days would consist of 7am wakeup calls from the girls ready to run around outside to create beautiful family memories. Now, things are a little different. About two years ago Rob began feeling lethargic and developed other symptoms that doctors initially thought to be Lyme Disease… As these symptoms progressed Lyme Disease was ruled out, and doctors are now leaning towards the early stages of ALS. A once active guy, Rob now needs a wheel chair to get around on those family outings and the wheels on his skateboard have not rolled in two years. Simple chores around the house like laundry and dishes(yes he used to do them both!)can’t be done due to weakness throughout his entire body. Even kissing the girls goodnight before they go to sleep is physically draining.

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Rob’s friends have raised over $40k in 19 months.  I find over and over again skateboarders give back.  There’s stereotypes about everything – the three I hope this blog shatters is

  1. Girls can’t skate
  2. Skateboarding is a crime
  3. Skateboarders are delinquent

Yes there are lemons in skateboarding – ask Beyonce there are lemons everywhere and sometimes good people do lemony things.  We all have a choice to make lemonade.

I like to think I make lemonade by sharing inspiration.  I certainly was inspired by this picture of Roll for Rob Skate Camp – Rob with his daughters Avery & Olivia.

And if you’re in Rhode Island on Sunday July 24th check this out & please share pictures with the blog.

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Tell Avery I said Hi 🙂

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UPDATE 6/8/16

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The new #rollforrob decks are available for pre-order. Please tag your local shop. Any shop looking to pre order the boards please contact They will be for sale at the next event July 24th @civilprovidence and your local shop.




Cruising in North Carolina

When I announced this project on IG 5/19/16 – a collage of #girlscanskate across the USA – I was a little heated.  I had just encountered a salty boy who told me the only girls at skateparks were “girlfriends” who watch.

Aba_kh in North Carolina was the first skater to want to know how she can be involved – here she is keeping it stylish in NC.

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Aba says she uses her cruiser board to explore and get around campus.

I say yes – sport, art, transportation, rolling yoga – skateboarding is good for girls – good for people!

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As she says in her bio – be a fountain, not a drain

sounds like my keep it stylish on & off the board

Wherever you are skating – share your photos and your stories – seeing is believing – more girls do skate as they see stylish girls skating.

If I already have a picture from a state you will still get a blog post.  Plus I make up the collage ideas as I go so who’s to say the next one won’t be a certain state or region or country.  I just received some fabulous shots from London!



Candybombing in Colorado

Thanks so much for all the positive vibes about the latest collage.  I’m meeting lots of new girls and catching up with others.

Below is Candy – I’ve known her for awhile and can’t believe I haven’t written a post about her.  Or I’m so unorganized I can’t find it – either way this is #girlscanskate in Colorado!

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She captioned this – That lean LYFE doe. We felt some Gs today in the #Colorado #rockymountains


#girlscanskate around the World

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This is Emily skateboarding in Alaska.  Video by Brandon.

This blog shows girls skateboarding because that’s what inspires other girls to skate.  Encouragement is powerful – I’m thankful for the encouragement I received and I want to pay it forward.

Pictures do speak louder than words and that’s why my latest collage will be of skater girls in the USA.  If a post has the tag STATE it will be in the collage.

Keep sending all your pictures & stories because more girls skate when they see stylish girls skateboarding.  In the past I’ve done an international collage and a month dedicated to Canadian skater girls The blog always has and always will show all skater girls with style – wherever they are from, wherever they are skating, whatever they are skating and whatever skill level this is the blog that shows #girlscanskate & says thank you to all the people who encourage girls skateboarding.

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Today the Driveway Tomorrow the . . .

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I love when parents encourage there children and celebrate the process.  Surfvermont captioned this photo from PA My little girl conquered the length of the driveway today on her longboard!

I get down on myself sometimes and I’m grateful to have a mom who reminds me

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Every step you take is one step closer than if you never would have moved.  It doesn’t matter where anywhere else or how well anyone else is skating – enjoy your skateboarding!

Sofi in Chile Sharing Skateboarding

I’ve known Sofi for a bit.  She was one of the girls on the collage in the EXPOSURE Skate 2016 calendar.  Her bio picture is in the collage upper right corner.

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Below she shares this video with the caption – Love to inspire and teach my cousins of 4, 6 and 12 years old how to skate! They have progressed so much! So proud of them!

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Happy she shared this especially because it gave me a chance to remind her EXPOSURE Skate is having an international contest.  Sofi is now working on her entry.

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Good Luck Sofi!  Keep sharing the love of skateboarding & I love the leggings!