Davenport Skate Park

Taylor aka taygnar shares these picture from Davenport Skate Park.

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On my quest to create a collage of skater girls in each of the USA states – Iowa was elusive.  However, Taylor shows us there’s no need to worry.  And I love why she thinks #girlscanskate.

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I enjoy skateboarding because it allows much more creativity than any other sport. The possibilities really are endless. The community is also amazing, skateboarders are always cheering each other on and helping others to achieve new things. I think more girls should skate because it really is an extremely fun and amazing sport. It has helped me and many others through a lot. I think what girls really need to realize is that skateboard is not exclusively for guys. I know a lot of girl skaters that are better than most guys I know. Gender has no part in it as long as you’re willing to practice and stand back up when you get knocked down. That’s really what skateboarding is all about. – Taylor

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