So Your First Skateboarding Experience Sucked

Skateboarding is fun.  Skateboarding also involves falling.  Believe me I don’t like falling.  If the first time you go skateboarding you fall it can be hard to try again – falling is not failing – even if it’s not the same day I encourage you to try again.

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Kaylabirddd shares this video and her story.

I have always wanted a skateboard but ever since I was little and had a bad accident with my brothers board I’ve been so afraid to get back on one but I’ve been wanting to learn for a few years now.  At work the other night I decided to grab one and just try riding around and I did it!  I’m so proud of myself you have no idea.  I was still a little scared but I was ecstatic!  So here is a crappy lame little video I put together of me riding it around.

Welcome back Kayla – there’s no such thing as a crappy lame little video – I’m glad you shared & like your bio.

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