REHABILISKATE getting back to skateboarding

The January posts have focused on being thankful for the people/organizations who help us skate.  This post is about one skater girls courage to fight back through a debilitating illness and skateboard again.
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The doctors told me ” you can’t ” I told them One day ” I could “.  Here is one day.  Almost 1 year after the accident that took away my freedom of health and being –  rehabiliskate_crpswarrior

I take my health for granted – finding out about Nikki’s story makes me realize how thankful I am for my health.
Nikki has CRPS Complex Regional Pain Syndrome.  She was diagnosed with CRPS following a car accident in January of last year It resides in 75% of her body, affecting mostly her hips/pelvis and legs..
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Nikki does daily treatments while being a mom.
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Rehabiliskate isn’t just about skateboarding for me, it’s about gaining a life back through debilitating condition ~ 6 months ago I was headed for a wheelchair, today I am walking next to my champ at one of my favorite waterfalls!! Achieve the unimaginable by allowing yourself to make the choices for your life ~ they said never, I said whatever! – rehabiliskate_crpswarrior

On Instagram she’s rehabiliskate_crpswarrior.  She was diagnosed 3 weeks before she was going to launch her longboard brand “bohoboard”.  She was told her future was a wheelchair, but she didn’t accept that future – instead she choose to rehabilitate herself to skate again ~ Rehabiliskate.
Her goal is to turn Rehabiliskate into a school for those with adrenaline souls and disabled bodies ~ do events, fundraisers, jam nights, competitions, yoga on a board competitions, CRPS awareness nights, help the youth, teach skateboarding, the list is endless but I want to do it for the kids that don’t have a voice, the helpless ones who just want to belong somewhere too.
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2015 was the year Rehabiliskate was founded ~ held its first event and started showing its face into the world

CRPS has made her understand the ins and outs of living with a disability/chronic illness, my soul is aching to be free again, almost like I’m stuck in a body I don’t want to be in, but I have no choice but to become more of what God handed me.
She believes Life isn’t always fair, but the possibilities are endless when we learn to adapt to our circumstances.
I’m grateful for being able to share Nikki’s story and I know it’s a story that is just beginning and will have many wonderful chapters.
Thank you Nikki – I love your style on and off the skateboard!

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