Skateboarding With Dad


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Yes – I blog because more girls skateboard when they see girls skateboarding.  Plus it’s about the encouragement.  My biggest supporter has always been my dad.  Looks like Luna has some awesome support too!

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It’s always in style to skate with a smile.  Keep skateboarding fun & for everyone!

Below skateboarding with my dad – Carmel Valley Skatepark!

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Play Time at the Skate Park

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Today we celebrate all the parents like davidsonmetalmagic who encourage their kids to have fun on their skateboards.  This picture from Osborne Skate Park shows the gang having “Play Time” on their madre_skateboards.

Yes, even if skateboarding to you is a straight line across a flat park if you’re having fun skateboarding – keep skateboarding.  Own your fun – own your time on the skateboard – it’s your time.

I heard it from @wex1200 your passion is not a distraction at Agenda Emerge Long Beach January 2016.

I believe that & I know that my passion for skateboarding has benefited me and can benefit others.  So have fun/play time on your skateboard!




Save the Date May 21st for GRO & Zoe in NYC

Zoe Herishen is a skateboarder who keeps it fun and shares the fun.  She may be small – 2nd in hot pink & young 9 – but she’s making giant plans.

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Zoe works with GRO Girls Riders Organization –  the first nonprofit organization open to all females in skateboarding, snowboarding and other action sports. Lessons learned through GRO help girls not only in action sports, but also in all areas of life empowering them to be leaders of positive change.

GRO operates throughout the United States and Zoe works with the New York City Chapter.   Zoe had the idea to have a GRO event at one of her favorite parks – the Brooklyn Bike Park – which is skateboard and longboard friendly.

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One of the things I love about doing this blog is seeing all the amazing skateparks around the world.  Brooklyn Bike Park doesn’t disappoint and if I had a travel budget I’d so be there on Saturday May 21st.  And of course I love seeing girls turn their dreams into reality.

I’m thrilled that Zoe thought to invite me and share the invite on this blog.

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I love getting invited to all girls skateboarding events – and an invitation from a 9 year old organizer with a vision and an idea to help bring girls from both skateboarding and long boarding together, and to teach some new girls to ride too – Zoe might be the best invite yet!

I hope this is the first of many annual Chica De Mayo skateboard events.  And I hope lots of girls go, have run, and then share there pictures and stories right here –

Photo:  Brooklyn Bike Park Instagram    And yes the skatingfashionista believes all types of bikes and all types of skateboards can coexist and grow together – because fun is universal and it’s always stylish to COEXIST!

this event is Free /waiver required – click on the invitation above or here to go to GRO website and find out more

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UPDATE 5/20/16

It’s this weekend – be sure to send pictures for sharing and here’s one of Zoe skating in New Jersey – so glad she’ll be in the collage of #girlscanskate USA because she inspires/encourages girls to skate for fun!

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YogiYoli Doing Her Part to Get More Girls Skateboarding

YogiYoli aka Yolanda Esquivel is doing her part to get more girls skateboarding by showing them it’s fun – the video radiates fun!

YogYoli is a friend I met through blogging – she’s now learning to skate pools and continuing to get any girl she can on a board.  If you remember her it’s because she’s been on the blog aka Morticia Adams – she’s a girl with style and endless yoga poses.

If every skater girl inspired just one other skater girl – there’d be  more skater girls – I’m a writer not a math person but I’m sure there’d be more skater girls having fun & staying fit.  So keep inspiring and keep sharing!

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Legit Ollie in Mission Viejo

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Parkerstrick shares this Legit Ollie by Finley (age 7).  More girls skateboard and gain self-confidence from it – when they receive encouragement.  I’m so happy to see Finley getting encouragement  in Mission Viejo, Ca – just north of me in Orange County.

Please keep sharing your skateboarding pictures – more girls skateboard when they see girls skateboarding and get encouragement.

Learning Skateboarding Together

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Youyounmi shares this video from Korea.  I love the power of learning to skateboard together.

To me skateboarding is for fun – so if you’re rolling around like the girls in the video you are skateboarding.  If you’re goal is fun it tends to be more fun when you have someone with you and just like those who workout together have a better chance of sticking with it – I think you’ll have a better chance at sticking with skateboarding with a friend.

So to today we celebrate all the peers who help each other keep skateboarding fun!  Plus we thank Youyounmi for all she does to get more people skateboarding.

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Encouragement to Skateboard – Cheerleaders in Skateboarding

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This is Caylee from Houston, TX.  She’s 9 years old & started skating on a downhill board about 6  months ago.   For Christmas she got her own longboard.  Her mom shared this picture and let me know that She’s ready to explore and learn some new tricks!  casey_frey_dean

I’m so excited to share Caylee’s picture with everyone – I love beginners – everyone starts skateboarding as a beginner.  I also want to give a shout out to her mom – a good cheerleader is important to the the team because they help the players believe.

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