Skater Girls in Hungary? YES

annamarton6911 shares this video from Budapest Hungary.

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Hungary may be far away from Southern California,  but on the 20th day of December we see skateboarding makes it seem so much closer!  I’m thrilled to say that every day I keep getting support from all over the world – so we are going passed December and into January showing stylish skater girls from different places.  If you want to share just let me know – more girls skateboard when they see stylish girls skating and we encourage each other.  Thanks Anna for sharing & cute boots!

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Longboard Dancing in Taiwan

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Pier. chang is keeping it stylish by longboard dancing in Taiwan.  Check out her Instagram account to see several videos – so stylish & graceful.

When she’s not long boarding or snowboarding she’s at NTU working on Chemistry.  Where are you skateboarding and inspiring other girls to live their dreams?  This is the 18th of December and we have more girls than days left – but please keep sharing because this blog is continuing long past December 2015!

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Canada Needs More Skater Girls

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These photos are from lilyboardc in Montreal Canada – she’s 5 and has been skateboarding for a few months.  She learns faster than I did – which is one of the rad things about starting to skate when you’re little.  You are little and fearless which is a powerful combination in skateboarding.

Lily is inspired by her mom who says – in Canada there is not a lot of girl skateboarding 🙁

You know who can change that?  Us and we are – by sharing Lily and her mom inspire other girls to try skateboarding and that’s how you get more girls skateboarding in Canada.

Thanks Lily & mom and thanks to the other girls from Canada who have already shared & I would love to find many more – let’s do a month of Canada?  February has 29 days – can we find 29 skater girls in Canada?

The following Canadian skater girls have already been on the blog and I think we’ll find way more than 29 skater girls in Canada – Ava from Edmonton who shared on June 6th, Stella Rose from June 10th,  August 19th Longboard4usVolumatic in Alberta on August 25th, also from Montreal hannah_sk8 on September 4th,  Ali_stevens on September 24th,  Queenmeag on November 18th,  Sublimelimes November 24th and Babes Brigade from Toronto who started a Monday girls skate session on December 7th – strong girls encourage and inspire each other I’m so glad to meet more every day!





Skater Girl in Aichi Japan

Screen shot 2015-12-07 at 4.06.39 PM

This photo is from yuttanp in Aichi, Japan.  If you check out the IG account you’ll also see videos.   I love how skateboarding is universal – regardless of language or location – it’s something that can be shared. Where are you skateboarding?

On the 14th day of December we saw stylish skateboarding in Japan – please take the time to share because more girls skateboard when they see stylish girls skateboarding around the world!

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