Use Your Voice to be the Change

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Skillest_sk8er took the time to share this picture with me & tell me a little about her skate story.

She’s been skating since she can remember – like before she was five.  She got her first board from her mom – who saw that her daughter didn’t have a love for girly things.  She had an immediate love for her skateboard.

Unfortunately where she lives in Canada she can’t get to skate parks easily.  Plus they are strict about kicking skaters out and even charging people for skating – so her skateboarding style is limited.

Skateboarding shouldn’t be a crime – however it is in many places around the world.  You can get stopped, fined, or worse for skateboarding in some places.

I’m not going to say – so “don’t skate” – I’m not a fan of “don’t”, “never”, “can’t” and other words that limit.  I say be aware.  It’s important to stand up for what you believe in just be aware of the consequences – a fine is a hassle when it goes on your record it can be a real problem when applying for jobs – so decide is the risk worth it before you skate.

And if skateboarding means a lot to you take time to support parks.  There are foundations like Tony Hawk Foundation who’s purpose is to create public skateboard parks.  Use your voice to say you want skate parks – there aren’t fines for asking and petitioning your community to build a park.

Parks aren’t built overnight but when enough people act and are the change they want to see, change does happen.  That’s why I always have time to share girls pictures and stories of where they are skateboarding.  We are stronger on & off the board when we work together.

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