Sliding in Thailand

slide 180

Cheetahzita doing a sit-down slide 180.  Sliding is the most effective braking technique for downhill skateboarders – or so says Google. 

I went out with Arbor Girl friends last Sunday.  After hitting a few parks – which I call home – we went to a hill.  They called it a hill – mountain is what I’d call it.  I had the borrowed gloves on and a loaner down hill skateboard by my side – but the idea of trying on a “hill” with a guardrail and cacti to land in – NO NO!

I gotta keep it fun – so I’m going to try sliding on flat land.  I know that’s not the end goal – I want to celebrate the process and work my way up the hill.  I’m totally intrigued by the gloves but it’s all so new & different from how I’m used to skating.

So here’s a big shout out to all my friends who are already going down hill – “masters of squat” is what they are.  And a reminder that your real friends will encourage you to try new things – not force you!

Encouragement is stylish on & off the board – peer pressure and bullying are never stylish.  So grateful to have supportive friends that will help me learn downhill skateboarding “safely” – like is there even such a thing as downhill skateboarding “safely”?  Okay help me learn downhill skateboarding with confidence!

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