Skateboarding with my Best Bud

mom and twin son

This picture is titled cruising with my best budgiogo2013

And no the little buddy is not a girl; it’s a boy who is skateboarding with his mom.  How rad is that for a mom to teach her son how to skateboard – well they are actually learning together – that’s even radder!

He’s five and actually has a twin but skateboarding is something he & his mom share.  I think they are both lucky to have found skateboarding.  I’m not worried about his twin – with a mom this rad I’m sure they share something equally special.

Really appreciate Giovanna sharing this picture and story with me – I hope it inspires many other moms to give skateboarding with their child a try.  Remember you don’t have to be a super shredder to skate together, you just have to be willing to have fun together!


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