A Weekend Well Spent

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This is littlesurfergirl_ and if you follow the link you’ll see her first drop in at Aura Skateboarding Company in Vista.

She’s committed to LIVING!  Surfing, Skateboarding, Sunsets, Hotrods, Gratitude and Evolving!

What a positive bio and way to live.  Skateboarding is for all ages.  Yes, we all get older but that doesn’t mean we have to stop learning and trying new things.

Growing, evolving, learning are all super stylish on & off the board.  Please keep sharing how you’re having fun skateboarding – more girls do skate as they see girls skateboarding and we encourage each other.

3 thoughts on “A Weekend Well Spent”

  1. Thanks so much for the feature and for doing such positive things for women’s skating!! I’m 39 and just getting starting! It’s never to late to start.. I can’t wait to see where this journey takes me! I hope to see you around at the parks! As of now I don’t know any other female skaters but I’m always looking for ladies to skate with! Thanks again!!

    1. You are so welcome – check out Arbor Girls, EXPOSUREskate, Poseiden Foundation, Girls Not a 4 Letter Word, FemmeSkate, Girl Riders Organization on Instagram – they all support girls skateboarding & have events or talk about upcoming events

      I hope to skate with you soon – EXPOSUREskate has big event at Encinitas Community Park on November 7th and Poseiden has a Ladies Skate at Berrics on November 14th – and I’m at Carmel Valley a lot!

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