R E S P E C T is for Everyone

stop traffic in nyc

She’s 4 and is starting in the parks now- here she is in NYC on the streets.  Proud Mama;)  She may be just starting but she’s already stopping traffic and Stella Bella Blue has an incredible cheerleader/mom – Heather at theloveandmadness.

Here in Southern California there a lot of incredible skaters and there are incredible skaters everywhere else in the world – every one of those skaters had a starting point.  I believe that if it’s your first day on the board or you’re a “master” you’re a skater if  it’s in your heart.

Some people will say you’re not a skater if you just have a cruiser or longboard or . . .  they are wrong.  If you skate and have fun doing it – you’re a skater.

Surround yourself with people that build you up and believe in you.  I’m grateful I had people who encouraged me to skate – not because they thought I had great potential but because they thought I’d have fun.  I do have fun, I want to share that fun – don’t let anyone put a damper on your fun – skate like you want to – and always treat others with R E S P E C T!

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